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My reporting of a couple of rumors this morning [mainly about some players possibly being injured] has led to a few responses from folks who've been at practice lately.

As with every team after the first 6 days of practice, there are bumps and bruises.  [for example; my youngest son - playing for his HS has already used a tube of Icy-Hot ]

As far as we know - nobody has any serious injuries particularly any that would hold them out of the early games, although there have been a few that apparently looked bad, and if anything, the O-line is really starting to look good, giving Brett & Co. time to complete passes, etc.

The report that I heard regarding all the younger players working with the first team led to the assumption that were more injuries than there actually were. In any case, that NU is able to play more than 5 upperclassmen up front is great news.

Even better was the Hot News story about some of the NFL draft gurus putting MLB Pat Durr back on the watch list. If he continues to come back from his knee injury, he'll be a force in the middle for both Cats, and maybe some team on Sunday.

Anyway, I appreciate the fans that contacted me back channel to clarify the information. I welcome any and all reports from folks who are watching practice, especially if they are right!

-- da Coach

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