Was' hap-nin' coach?

OK, there was a scrimmage Saturday, and those who like to read the tea leaves would like to draw some conclusions from the event. <br><br> But da Coach has heard a few things about the scrimmage, a Roundball offer, and would like to remind everyone....

1. My sources tell me that after the first series, few starters hit the field.
That was mainly the Offense, but I understand that if you like watching the #2 guys, that's who was out there.

Now don't get me wrong, these guys need play time, and Randy and company need to see how everyone plays, but outside of defining who the starters are, I wouldn't use Saturday for much of anything else.
2. If I read my tealeaves correctly, many of the guys wearing orange would actually play if it was game time.
And as we reflect on whatever happened Saturday, remember that many of our guys were withheld to avoid further injury.
3. Roundball fans will be excited about the presence on campus of another Point Guard, Peoria's Brandon Lee, who knocked the sox off everyone playing AAU ball AND who has a new offer from the Cats. Stay tuned.

Back to Football - Of course there was the guy who was off taking his MCAT exam.

Imagine that, a Big 10 student athlete putting his academics first. Gee could start a trend.

[Smart move Jason]

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