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The talk runs fast on these Cat Chats - especially when <b>The</b> and <b>Purple Reign</b> Recruiting Guru <b>Chris Pool</b> is in the house talking <b>Northwestern Recruiting</b>.

Then you add a few recruiting fans and a maybe a recruit and you get some fast and chat going. Here's some of the hightlights....
CoachRoy:: So Chris - waddaya know?

DeepPurr:: I was wondering what Chris thinks about [Mundelein TE] Jack Simmons ? I had the distinct feeling he favors NU over Minn from a quote several weeks ago.

Pool Recruiting:: I don't think Simmons will end up at NU. Its either Michigan State or Minnesota

Copcat:: Pass rushers.  We need em bad.  Any out there?

Pool Recruiting:: Alex Barrow is the last DE I spoke with and he likes NU a lot.  Barrow has 15 offers. Tim Jamison from Thornton would be another nice get .  Another DE that NU is high on is John Gibson

DeepPurr:: I was also interested in the OL recruits. [Lincolnshire OL] Jack Rucks appears a real possibility but are there others? [Pennsylvania OL] Dave Weber has clearly stated it is between Pitt and Syracuse.

Pool Recruiting:: Rucks looks like he's going to end up in Evanston. NU is in on a ton of O-Lineman. Check the site everday for updates

Copcat:: Chris do you slant one way or another when you talk to these guys, or do you have to be competely impartial

Pool Recruiting:: Completely impartial

Amcat:: how about a stud rb?

DeepPurr:: [Stockton, CA RB] John Gibson has stated he likes Cal and SC. Does NU have a chance?

Pool Recruiting:: Yes

FloridAlum:: [Carmichael CA RB] C.J. Bacher was on campus this week, your thoughts?

Pool Recruiting:: Looks good right now but if Stanford or Cal offer....It's over

Copcat:: Do you think there will be any decisions made during the season from any of our prospects

kwall:: any word on Brandon Roberson, tailback out of Texas?

Pool Recruiting:: I haven't spoken with Roberson yet

FloridAlum:: Cris, get us a 4-star tailback

Pool Recruiting:: OK,  Done Deal

CoachRoy:: On the D-Line - any one in line to join Mr Clark?

Pool Recruiting:: It's still early but there are several D-Lineman on the board

kwall:: Chris, any reports on Cyril Obiozor, DE?

Pool Recruiting:: Is this Matt Clark?  I've spoken with Matt and his coach on the phone. Hi Matt. You looked great on film. If you lived in any other state, you'd have 25-30 offers

clark50:: I would have had that many if i wouldnt have jumped the gun, I think I dont know that is what I was told by the coaches that were talking about offering me

Pool Recruiting:: Matt (If this is the real Matt Clark) I've spoken with the compliance officers at the NCAA offices and its NOT a rules violation to have a recruit in the chat room.

Copcat:: don't let them move you to o-line

clark50:: I know I hate o-line even though I had a great practice today at guard

CoachRoy:: Matt - the beauty of playing Guard and DT is that you don't have move much

clark50:: i love to move though haha

Pool Recruiting:: Matt, on film, I saw you mauling people. I love the mean streak!

clark50:: i have a friend that NU needs to look at pool, Kyle Barber

Pool Recruiting:: Is Barber you're teammate?

clark50:: no from TFA

CoachRoy: Where does Kyle B play?

clark50: DB or WIDE RECIEVER

CoachRoy: If Barber has the grades, we can always use another DB

clark50: he is nasty ran a 4.34

CoachRoy: 4.34 is quick - JB would like him

Pool Recruiting: I believe it. He looks like lightning in a bottle!

Pool Recruiting:: How bout your taiback? Where's he going to end up

clark50: Charles Pierre I dont know it is up in the air

Pool Recruiting: Pierre looked good on film as well. I think your coach said he had grade issues

Amcat:: Chris, how about a position by position analysis, with your thoughts on where we need help the most and whether we're likely to get any impact players

Pool Recruiting:: QB's look good. A dynamite Tailback is needed. I like Jimmy Calhoun there. O-Line is a position of need as is D-Line. The Linebackers look good and you can never have enough corners.

Amcat:: do we have a realistic chance at any impact guys at rb or corner?

Pool Recruiting:: CB Nate Lyles has NU high on his list but ND will be tough to beat. I think Jimmy Calhoun

Copcat:: Chris will the cats take it easy on wr's this year as there were 17 on the field saturday

Pool Recruiting:: I haven't spoken with any of the staff since they've been at camp. I hope to get some inside poop soon.

DeepPurr:: Regarding Bacher , Stanford has offered Matt Tuiasosopo and he wants to play basketball . I think Coaches at the UW and UCLA do not like this so the Cards have an edge here. Do you know which QB's Cal likes? I

Pool Recruiting:: No I don't deep. I don't follow Cal that closely. Just the Big Ten.

DeepPurr:: What are the chances of getting a good TE? If Simmons is a no go who else?

Pool Recruiting:: Well with the ones they've offered so far...Not good. Simmons to MSU or Minnesota. Tate Casey will stay in the south

TerminalVCat:: Won't we have to use our TEs somewhat before they'll pay closer attention?  Is that part of the issue?

Amcat:: Chris, regarding this years team. we all know we're thin at OL, defense can improve and ton and still be only mediocre. what's you take on this team and what are the keys beyond the obvious?

Pool Recruiting:: Well Am, I think the obvious is, this team is a year older and it needs to get tougher to compete in the Big Ten. You have to win the war up front to be successful in this league. If NU can get physical, they'll be fine. If they remain soft up front....You'll have to wait until Matt Clark gets in Evanston to rough some people up!

Copcat: Ike looked great. like a new man

newbocacat:: Chris, where is most of the emphasis this year, Offense or defense?

Pool Recruiting: Emphasis will definitely be on defense this year. A young group last year and everyone is bigger and stronger this year

DeepPurr:: Chris? Do you have any information on Abernathy? Will he help?

TerminalVCat: What's with all the walkons this year - seems like a record number, especially for U$!!

Pool Recruiting: Can never have enough bodies on the football field, especially with wrecking balls out there like Loren Howard

CoachRoy: NU has always had walkons, but this is the first year they've been on the roster early

TerminalVCat: Seems like a good number this year.  Encouraging!
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