Court Cats - Volleyball starts their season this weekend..
And we've updated most of the NFL Cats and PGA Cats too."> Court Cats - Volleyball starts their season this weekend..
And we've updated most of the NFL Cats and PGA Cats too.">

NU Sports News Digest

Many <b>football </b>Stories - especially about <b>KU </b>today, <br>Also the "other" <b>Court Cats - Volleyball</b> starts their season this weekend.. <br>And we've updated most of the <b>NFL Cats</b> and <b>PGA Cats</b> too.

Comments on the stories are in Italics:


Here's a really good preview story about Pat Durr's return to the Wildcats at Camp Kenosha - it wasn't an easy return, but it appears he's back 100%. Lots of insight into what an injured player goes through on the sidelines and some words from Fitz too...
Hurts so good to be back [Chicago Trib]
from the
Dave Weber: OL Makes Commitment
Coaches can start calling prospects on September 1st,.

Next up: Kansas Jayhawks

Wildcat fans might be worried about some of the changes at KU - for example, 6 JUCO transfers made the starting lineup for the Jayhawks...
KU lineup will look different [KC Star]

Sounds familiar, a walkon gets a starting slot on the defense, also info about some other position changes...
KU walk-on Lamb earns starting spot [KU Sports]

Previewing one of the KU Frosh - #6 WR Moderick Johnson might be one of the people to watch in the game Saturday...
6Sports video: Freshman player Moderick Johnson could be huge for Jayhawks
Here's another player to watch on the defense - LB Banks Floodman
Floodman ready to make a splash [KC Star]

This is a Quick-Time Video, obviously aimed at Jayhawk fans. Interesting to look at if you're into game opening videos, since they're doing something new with their board prior to the game...
Jayhawk Minute: Season-Opener Excitement [KU]

Quotes from Mangino about NU's defensive changes
6Sports video: KU and Northwestern had bad defenses last season

Ticket sales dip for hopeful Kansas [KCStar]

Big 10:
The Maurice Clarett saga continues
NCAA, Ohio State "Mostly" Agree [Fox]
NCAA, OSU Discuss Clarett Suspension [CNNSI]
Clarett Won't Even Dress For Opener [Fox]


After the NCAA appearance last year, the other Court Cats strap 'em on and get playing in Georgia, facing some top talent in Georgia Tech, Alabama and Coastal Carolina
Wildcats Travel To Atlanta For Season-Opening Tournament


NFL Cats
Its more a case of who hasn't been released so far:
Jeff Roehl seems to be hanging on at the Giants - rumor is he gets a start this week, as the Giants try to figure out who's playing on the O-line.
Sam Simmons is doing very well in Miami - he's not mentioned in the stories about who the Dolphins might cut.
Austin King is still #2 on the Bucaneer's Depth Chart
Damien Anderson is still fighting for the #3 RB slot in Arizona
Napoleon Harris is still the Middle Linebacker at Oakland, but they aren't writing anything about him so far this year
D'Wayne Bates is apparently solid as the #3 WR in Minnesota.
NBA Cats

PGA Cats
Where They're Playing this week - Tee Times Local

Luke Donald: Will be at the Deutsche Bank Championship
Birdies in Beantown [PGA]
Tee Times:
Thursday: 7:30 Tee 1
Friday 12:40 Tee 10

* Playing The Nationwide Tour
 Alberta Calgary Classic
Nationwide heads north [PGA]

Jim Benepe -
Tee Times:
Thursday: 12:40 Tee 1
Friday: 7:45 Tee 10

Jess Daley - Not Scheduled
Brian Payne - Not scheduled

* Playing the Canadian Tour
Casino de Charlevoix Cup

Josh Habig - Not playing
Scott Harrington - Not Scheduled

* Playing The NGA/Hooters Tour

Bjorn Widerstedt - No tourney this week

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