Random Thoughts as we get ready for Football

A shocker in the corn could cost the Wildcats some press coverage this year, and was the Coach surprised when he looked at the pregame 2 deep?<br> The answer is here...

A couple of thoughts as we get ready for NU - KU
Its bad enough the Wildcats have to compete with Illinois and N**** D*** for press in Chicago, but now there's another reasonably local team making lots of noise.

I'm talking about the Huskies of Dekalb,  Northern Illinois, with its long list of Chicago area players [the guys everyone else missed], and its ability to beat top 25 ranked teams. NIU Coach Joe Novak has assembled a pretty good cast of players out in northwest Illinois.

Living close to Baltimore, all we heard on the radio this week was how Dekalb was out in the corn fields, with nothing to do, and how this would be a walkover for the Maryland Terps.

It appears that Terrapins don't do well in the corn fields. NIU 20 Maryland 13 OT.

I kept planning to write a story about the differences between the preseason 2 deep and the pregame 2 deep.

But folks, there just aren't enough to support a full analysis.

The big surprise?

Actually, there are 2 - Senior Gilles Lezi, our little used Canadian Fullback, moving to Tight End and Soph Greg Lutzen, who was reported to be on crutches at Camp Kenosha, backing up Bill Newton at right guard.

NU PhotoAfter watching Lezi [NU Photo right] run the ball during the Spring, I figured that the coaches would get him on the field somhow - he's a good crashing running when he gets the ball, the kind of guy you'd like at tight end. He's backing up Ray Bogenrief, but he should get a couple of shots at catching the ball.

NU PhotoI had heard that Lutzen [left] was determined to crack the starting lineup - despite his knee injury earlier this month. For what its worth, my son David's college team had a center who played two years with no knees [both were really torn up] but nobody else could beat him out for the position.

Greg, wear the brace and play hard, you'll do it.

No Surprise? -

Defensive Coordinator Greg Colby has listed almost all his Seniors and Juniors as starters. The only Sophs are the Cornerbacks [Marquice Cole and Jeff Backes] and the Defensive Ends [Barry Cofield and Loren Howard].

Three key positions are held by Seniors - MLB Pat Durr, and Safeties Louis Ayeni and Torri Stuckey. A few of us chuckled last summer when a guy in Minnesota predicted that Ayeni would be the starting storng safety, but it appears the D-back Coach Jerry Brown wants some experience deep.

For What its Worth:

I'm not surprised that Trevor Rees is backing up Matt Ulrich at Center and given the complexity of the offense, I'm not surprised that walk-on QB Walter Cale is the #3 QB.  We can talk about that on the Chat during the game if you'd like.

The big question?

Can the defense keep other teams from out scoring the offense.

The first answer comes tomorrow night.

We'll have the Chat Room on the Premium Board open to all [Click here or on Premium Chat on the front page] right before the pregame show starts.
-- da Coach

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