Hey Gang - The NU-KU game will be on TV

Its true - NU - KU will be on the WEB - <br><br>its part of a <b>Fox Sports/RealOne Pay per View</b> package...<br><br> And we've opened up the Premium Chat so we can watch and chat tonight!

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OK, here's the Crass Commercial Message
SIGN UP NOW!: Northwestern at Kansas
It appears that the Big 12 has a deal with Fox to webcast all of their games. That includes Saturday's game!

The webcast of the game can be found at www.foxsports.com, keyword "webcast." This exclusive programming is available to consumers through either a standalone purchase of the game on FOXSports.com or as part of the FOXSports.com content package within RealNetworks' RealOne SuperPass. Fans can follow all the game action by purchasing a RealOne SuperPass for $9.95 per month.

We'll keep you posted if there are more NU games schedule.

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