Wildcats Win - NU 28 - Kansas 20

One of the features of <b>NU Football</b> on <b>Purple Reign</b> are <b>Stephen Truog's</b> reports - <br><br> They're either from the game or his couch, but here are his observations about the NU win Saturday night...

Of course, those darn Cats had to get my heart goin' at the end! But a win's a win, and if the weather was as bad as WGN kept describing it, we'll take it!
196 yards. 4 touchdowns. What more can you say about Jason Wright.

But the best stat I heard: 2-to-1 -- that was our edge in time of possession. We kept control of the ball and gave the defense some rest. As a result, it sounded like we got a lot of pressure. Loren Howard and Colby Clark got a lot of mention, as did Pat Durr, and our new secondary players like Ashton Aikens and Jeff Backes made plays as well.

The D didn't give up many yards, and only seven points (on a broken play). The other two Kansas TDs came off a tipped interception and a blocked punt. And they got the turnovers. A good start.

And I liked Brett Basanez' play -- the one pick didn't sound bad and otherwise he was accurate, smart and spread it around well.

The biggest problem areas looked to be first down (we seemed to be in a lot of 2nd and 3rd and long situations), short yardage (when we did get a 3rd and 1 or so) and special teams.

But not bad for an opener. The D should be fired up for Air Force next week and hopefully our offense will progress as well.

Around the night games ...
* Ohio State is looking mighty impressive. Maurice who? Yeah, I know they have a lot of tough road games this year in Big Ten land, but it's hard to pick out who can beat 'em. Gotta be #1 for now at least.

* Minnesota's rolling over a cupcake. Yawn. Can we just do like in a courtroom and stipulate to a 4-0 start?

* Barnett's playing in another monsoon -- but he's winning this time. Look like CSU's mouthy QB fired up the Buffs. I was surprised they let that last drive (and CU touchdown) go, though, as you could see the lightning flashes a couple times on TV before they stopped.

* That silence you hear down in Alabama is all the Auburn hype disappearing into thin air. Huge win by USC. If they can get through a rough October road, the Pac 10 may get that BCS team as the Trojans have a nasty defense. So much for the SEC renaissance ... well, Georgia looked good with suspensions and all.

- SjT
PS - I apologize to Illini fans. You no longer have the most hideous uniforms of the day. I happened to flick past ESPN2 and am still seeing flashes of yellow from those Oregon road rags. I like the all dark green home unis, but those yellow road duds are a danger to fans and other

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