Random Thoughts as we face Air Force

Clearing up the RedShirt situation, and other team rumors, Will Durr retaliate for last year's chops? and what about the chat during the game this week? The answers are all here, as da Coach has some Random Thoughts...

Rumor Central, and some more thoughts on Air Force
OK, lots of talk about freshmen and who might have played at Kansas.

One of my sources tells me that the only true frosh who got into the game was LB Nick Roach [220 6-2]. I'm told that only 6 true freshmen are on the 70 man traveling squad, including the 2 frosh O-linemen on the 2 deep.

There's also a rumble that one of the true frosh linemen, not one of the two on the 2 deep, got in some kind of trouble Sunday night after the team returned from Kansas - he is now definitely red-shirting this year.

It was described to me as a typical "kid away from home for the first time" incident.

Apparently the coaches have convinced Senior LB Pat Durr not to do anything to retaliate against the Air Force offensive linemen who came out and cut his knees last year.

Stories in the Chicago Tribune Monday and today's Evanston Review talk about how Pat has put the incident behind him now that the block is illegal. You all should remember that Durr was "chopped" 5 times on the first Air Force series and the 6th chop block took out his knee.

Having heard someone close to Pat talk about watching the video, it seems obvious that the Air Force interior line was head hunting that first series, and wanted Pat out of the game early. They succeeded.

After all that rehab, etc. its hard to imagine Durr not taking some kind of revenge, but I know everyone connected with the team wants Durr in the game, not in the locker room because of some "self inflicted wound."

The problem is that the Air Force offensive scheme always has a Guard come out after the Middle Linebacker. Its critical to the fullback dive play, an essential part of their game.

I'll be curious to see just what Pat does when that guard comes out to block him the first time.

I know everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear if I've succeeded in getting a free chat room set up for this weekend. I should have one set up Saturday and will have the link on the front page of both the Purple Boards, and this site.

Also - I'm actually heading to Evanston for the Miami Game with Kathryn. Given nice weather, I'll have my white Purple Reign Coach Roy shirt on so you should be able to find me wandering around.

Yes I do look like the sketch up top.
-- da Coach

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