Much Ado about...?

So NU Coach <b>Jay Peterson</b> was the guy punched because the Air Force QB thought he had hit him.<br> <br> Sounds like there was more going than we thought....

Last week the Northwestern Coaches and players went out of their way to say that they were not out for revenge as they played Air Force....
But it appears that the Wildcat's defense played a pretty rough game, keeping the Falcon's vaunted running game out of the end zone and generally frustrating AF QB Chance Harridge.

I mean, how dare lowly Northwestern shut down the Air Force attack. This is the Air Force's year of destiny - when they win the Mountain West and compete for a national ranking, etc., etc., etc. There's no way their players could do anything wrong, especially their star player, Chance Harridge.

Well, this was also a big game for the NU Wildcats, especially the defense, who were humbled last year in Colorado Springs. We'll forget all the pregame charges of "cheap shots," and cut blocks, the Cats were out to prove that they were not just another bad team to be torn apart by the Air Force.

So we play a close game - 22-21, decided on a field goal after the Falcon defense wakes up and picks Brett Basanez 3 times. Good play by the AF Seniors and another successful game for the Falcon's senior laden 3-3-5 defense. Both NU and AF had defensive players named Player of the Week in their respective conferences!

But then come charges that Harridge's ejection was actually caused by Northwestern - the allegation is that an assistant coach [D-Line Coach Jay Peterson] punched Harridge as he tried to get up after the Cats stripped him of the football. I'll turn the floor over to someone who's seen Harridge on the field....
Chance has been known to get heated at times during the game and didn't keep his composure. That's his fault. [Pat Durr - quoted by Adam Rittenberg in the Daily Herald]
The rules are clear, no coaches on the field, a rule that is rarely enforced, but when Harridge was ejected, I expected the Air Force Academy or its head coach to take an appropriate action against a future officer who apparently lost his head under pressure.

Instead they go out and find an excuse so that player can continue to be the pampered star, half demanding that NU fire Coach Peterson. Its been a long time since I wore a uniform, but maybe the "boys in powder blue" need to learn to take responsibility for their actions, not descend into the "blame game."

I'm hearing a lot of comments that among the players, Baz is the man.

Forget the 4 picks, taking off the helmet, etc., Brett Basanez is the offensive leader right now, and don't you forget it.

Also, I expect that we'll now start to see more Offensive Line rotation during a game, as the coaches work to keep the big guys up front fresh, and give some of the subs a chance to contribute.

I've heard that some of the anti Walker crowd has returned to the web with a vengeance, anonymously spewing their derogatory names for the assistant coaches across the web again.

Its funny that some of these guys have never coached a day in their lives, maybe played on losing teams, and wouldn't have the guts to repeat any of their garbage to a coach's face.

Over last few years, I've talked at length with most of the NU assistants about strategy, use of personnel, etc, and most of the criticism is undeserved and just flat wrong.

But then everyone is 100% right after the play is run because hindsight is 20-20.

See you all at the Miami game, if you're coming...
-- da Coach

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