More Post Game Interviews from Duke

Saturday was a great day for both the Wildcat Offense and Defense.<br><br> Here are the post game interviews with Running Back <b>Noah Herron</b>, Linebacker Coach <b>Pat Fitzgerald</b>, and his field general in the middle, <b>Pat Durr</b>.

More Postgame Interviews
As we basking the glow of a win....

First up Runningback Noah Herron:
You can't say enough about our O-Line, Last week we really didn't have a good showing offensively and this week it was really important for us to establish a running game, and that's what we did today.
Comments on this being the first time in a while that NU has had 2 100 yard rushing performances:
You know, its a credit to our line again and the hard work our whole offense did this summer. Last year, we had a down year and we dedicated ourselves to not letting it happen again

And it starts with the whole line, we got them going, like I said and today we had two people over 100 yards rushing, so its a credit to our whole offense.
How about that defense - they played superb
You can't say enough about our defense. They've been kind of tatooed as one of the worse defenses in the conference, and in the country.

Its all about rededicating ourselves over the summer - we came back with a different attitude - Its not happening again - and we're turning things around.
Next up is Linebacker Coach Pat Fitzgerald:
The Cat's defense gave up total of 280 yards, and less than a 100 rushing to a Duke team that was leading the ACC in rushing.
We've been stressing all week about playing the brand of football that we're capable of, the kind that we did against Air Force and the kind we did against Kansas.

When you play fast, and you play physical, really good things happen - you just have to keep trusting it  - and its kinda what happened today.

The turnovers came as we kept coming and kept coming and kept coming. So it was really an all around great effort  from the D-Line all the way back to the secondary.
Talking about Tim McGarigle and Pat Durr getting healthy and the speed McGarigle has no that his hamstring is better:
Well I've been talking to you a lot about us having to make plays for us to be successful this year and I think for the first time all year we made some plays in the linebacking corps and

I'm really proud of the way our guys responded, you know we had about as low of a low point as you can have last Saturday at this time in the locker room after the game. I think we all knew we hadn't played very well, we hadn't coached very well, and it was really going to be indicative of where our season was going to go - how we played and responded today.

I'm really proud of our young men and there's a team waiting for us in Columbus that we're very excited to play. This is why all these young men come to Northwestern, to play in the Big 10, and now its the "run for the roses," it starts this week.
One of the Senior Linebackers - Pat Durr - on the nice effort on defense:
Yeah, we came to play. Last week we didn't show up - our minds weren't into it - we stressed playing physical all week and I think we did a pretty good job with that today.
Your linebackers have been swarming now
That's the way we've always been playing, the disappointment against Miami, but in the first two weeks we were all over the field - so come out and respond in a positive way was what we were looking for, and this odd defense keeps us agressive and Coach Fitz does a great job of getting us to play where we need to be on Saturdays.
Next week is in the "horseshoe" at  Ohio State
Yeah, its going to be an extremely physical ball game and I know we had 'em last year, we had 'em right on the cusp, right on the cliff, and we just need to come back this year.

You know, they were saying that they didn't play their best ball game last year, well, I'm not really buying that, We're going to come out , this will make a great week and go what we need to do to take care of it.
How about his knee - is he confident its OK?
It gets sore, but big deal, everybody's body is sore, my body's sore everywhere, but I don't think about it on Saturdays. The trainers do a great job during the week getting me where I need to be and with the adrenalin rush on Saturday, I don't feel anything.
There you are - the post game wrapup from WGN...

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