Both Steve and I are long time memebers of the NU Sports List

here are his responses to recent posts on this "Grand Daddy" of all internet list servers...."> Both Steve and I are long time memebers of the NU Sports List

here are his responses to recent posts on this "Grand Daddy" of all internet list servers....">

Letters on the NU Sports List....

<font color="#330033">Both Steve and I are long time memebers of the <b>NU Sports List</b><br><br> here are his responses to recent posts on this "Grand Daddy" of all internet list servers....</font>

Read a blurb a few years ago (3 or 4) that the MAC Commish challenged his teams to stop playing "pay-out" games, or at least sign 3 year contracts
And that was a smart move for the MAC (the Big Ten commish needs to stand up to Notre Dame the same way:) ) -- but what made Saturday special was winning AT Kansas State, AT Alabama (and a few weeks ago) AT Purdue.

The MAC's been a dangerous NC foe for years, but since Marshall joined the league, it's really become a legit league that deserves some respect from the polls. They don't have the depth the SEC or Big Ten do, as the Eastern Michigans and Kent States can be pretty bad some years, but their top four or so can certainly compete with the vastly overrated ACC this year, and will be better than the Big East after the Hokies and Canes leave.

The thing that kills them (besides the lack of respect from pollsters -- who would vote Texas over Arkansas, Michigan over Oregon and Notre Dame over anybody) is that darn computer. The EMUs just drag that schedule strength and computer rank down so far that they'll never have a chance at the BCS.

Until they get a playoff (16 teams, where 8 league winners and 8 BCS-like determined teams are in), it's difficult to see how that will be corrected unless they toss out the computers entirely.
NU.  Good win on Saturday.  I concur with Cy; not even attempting 2  make-able FG's is reason for concern
Well, if that kick before halftime against Miami was any indication, not going for those FGs was the good call. But it's gonna be a huge hole -- go grab someone off the soccer team. Or Huffman has to have the leg to get some of those in.
Bucks... one of these days this tight-rope act will fail them.

I'm surprised how many of the analysts and experts keep saying this in order to dismiss OSU from MNC talk. Sooner or later folks, it's not luck! They did this all of last year. They have a coach and quarterback who are cool under fire and don't get away from their gameplan if they fall behind.

OU and Miami may be blowing out teams right now, but if I had to pick a team out of those three to lose first, it certainly wouldn't be the Buckeyes.

Of course, given our matchup this week, I hope that prediction goes the same way as most of my others this year.:)

... on the flipside of this MAC discussion, can someone please put an end to this endless Domer excuse machine I'm surrounded by in NW Indiana!!! I'm sick and tired of hearing how this team just doesn't have the talent and can't recruit. GAG! These guys pull in loads of blue chippers every year. They have their own network. They now have their own weekly show on ESPN as well. Their name is omnipresent (it seems every other kid of college age on an NBC show goes to Notre-frickin'-Dame), they have a good coach ... the talent's there, folks. They're just playing a tough schedule this year. Navy's not on it 'til November. They're not used to playing every week. THIS is why they're afraid to join the Big Ten. Ask JoePa how fun it is to play Michigan, MSU and Purdue for a full year.

Ugh - I'm just tired of hearing all this "poor us - we aren't able to bring in the talent anymore" Domerwhine. And speaking of the MAC, when's the last time the Irish faced a MACattack?

But anyway, a fun football weekend around the league. We won, so that's a good start. Wisconsin, PSU, Illinois and Indiana continued to look very beatable ... and we won't know how MInny looks until they play a game. ... the Michigan meltdown surprised me, as I expected this year to be different, I guess ...Purdue looks to be back on track for Florida this January  ... MSU showed some spunk ... and very, very quietly, Iowa thumped a team that many saw as a Pac 10 contender in Arizona State. The MAC got the attention, but Iowa's slowly creeping back into the race as a darkhorse. They have to visit the Shoe, but Michigan comes to Kinnick in a few weeks. Watch out!

As for those *uckeyes, no surprise as BGSU is good and OSU does enough to win, hopefully I'm wrong and it will catch up with them ... on Saturday!


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