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Back in action after whatever knocked me out yesterday....<br> Reports on the Wildcat Athletic scene - <b>Football</b> notes of interest and some early <b>Basketball</b> rumblings too...

First off...Congrats to the Football Recruiting staff -
commit #4 came through yesterday. Chris had the announcement on athlete Regaie Johnson, a young man with 4.4 speed! Three of the four commits so far boast 4.6, 4.4 and 4.3 times in the 40 - Speed does the job in football folks.

A few notes as we get ready for Ohio State.
1. If its any consolation, Chris Patterson added up the records of the 4 teams we've played so far this year. If you drop our game with these guys from the calculation

Kansas is 3-0
Air Force is 3-0
Miami [OH] is 2-1
Duke is 2-1

A combined 10-2 - maybe these guys were not the "easy" pre Big 10 some thought? For what its worth, I always worry about some of the teams we play in preseason - never take anything for granted in College football.

2. Last night, the Buckeyes announced that Craig Krenzel won't be starting this Saturday, but will be available if needed. Of course he'll be rusty, since he hasn't practiced/played for 2 weeks if he does come in. Not that OSU suffers with the backup kid playing.
On basketball:
3. My spies in Evanston tell me that there are no tall guys speaking Croation on the NU Campus. Our additions this year will be Center Vince Scott and Guard Tim Doyle. Doyle will be sitting out this year after his transfer.

I've also heard rumbles about a walk-on shooting guard, but haven't confirmed that yet.. With Doyle, the Cats will have at least 10 players for scrimmaging.

4. And on the basketball front, apparently NU has more than a couple of teams worried -- Got an e-mail saying they are still trying the schedule a couple of non-conference teams after two teams backed out at the last minute.

NU will be playing DePaul, Chicago State and apparently Loyola. No indication if they're trying to add UIC to the list but the Cats are playing 3 of 4 of the Chicago teams. Maybe they should try for NIU?

The late defection are probably the reason the NU Basketball schedule isn't out yet.
Thanks to everyone who writes. Keep those cards and letters coming...

-- da Coach

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