History Repeating Itself?

One of our posters has been watching the <b>Wildcats'</b> progress this year and talking with his friends about how much this team resembles another <b>NU</b> team that went on to <b>Big 10 Championships</b> and more...

WildBillCat has been frustrated by the tone of some of our "fans." His frustration spilled over on the Purple Boards and he's got a good candidate for the Post of the Week...
I have been talking almost daily to a guy who is close to the NU program. One topic that constantly comes up is how this year feels so much like 1994. Not just in retrospect, but in how the team is reacting to things. How the team is learning.

[some parallels?]

*Jason Wright = Lundy
*Noah Herron = Autry
*Brett Basanez thinking too much = Schnur
*Alexander Webb being tentative = Hughes (Webb is a better QB, but he cannot punt that I know of)
*The O-Line is starting to work together
*The D is finally showing some life.

And we get almost everyone back next year. I have high hopes.

And, if they do switch coaches and win next year, will Walker get ANY credit from internet posters?

-- WildBillCat

Interesting parallels, except Jason is smarter than Lundy in his personal life. I wouldn't count on Walker ever getting credit from some of these guys...

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