It must be the Bowden Computer System

<b>FIFTH in the BCS rankings?!?!</b><br><br> I'm sorry, but somebody's gotta look into this B(C)S sham and find out what relative of Bobby Bowdens installed the computer component

The Noles have not beaten a ranked team this year and unless Florida holds onto its slim poll position, they will not face another the rest of the way.
Their one game against a ranked team was at home and they were absolutely embarassed by Miami.

They are from the only BCS conference with only one team in the top 25

How in the heck can they be ranked ahead of ...

* USC - Higher in the polls, lost an OT thriller on the road, beat a ranked team on the road in Auburn and also won at Arizona State and Notre Dame (not ranked but no slouches at home both of them).

* OHIO STATE - Defending national champs who lost by one play on the road in a tough stadium to play, beat a ranked team in Iowa and also the only other ACC team whose close to a poll position in NC State. Play in a league with 7 ranked teams that should be one of the top two conferences in strength (with the SEC).

* WASHINGTON STATE - Haven't beaten a ranked team (but neither has FSU) and the Cougars have rolled since that early loss in South Bend and are higher ranked in the polls.

* PURDUE - Their loss is to a ranked team at the start of he season -- have beaten a ranked team on the road in Wisconsin and have decent wins over Wake and Notre Dame at home.  Play in a league with 7 ranked teams that should be one of the top two conferences in strength (with the SEC).

It seems to me that the Big Ten and Pac 10, especially USC and OSU, are given the short shaft in this BCS computer while Bobby Bowden has continually gotten the benefit of those friendly geek-system rankings (1998, 2000, now again).

This thing is a joke and with the Bowden bonus points added to Miami and VaTech next year for being in their league, will any other team ever have a chance? The Big Ten and Pac 10 should get out of this sham as soon as possible and return to the Rose Bowl. It's not a playoff, but it's better than this Bowden Computer System joke.

- SjT

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