Hey! Lets fix something

It appears that the <b>United States Senate</b> Judiciary Committee, in the face of all the foreign and domestic problems, has turned its attention to how unfair the way the BCS selects its teams and runs its non-playoff system....

This would be comical, if these guys didn't have a history of screwing things up.

Please excuse this skirting of politics, but what's scary to me, an alumnus of a Big 10 institution, is that the guys pushing this "investigation" are all alumni of schools that right now don't stand a chance of getting into the BCS mix. Its shades of the government officials in Atlas Shrugged, trying to impose their idea of "fairness" on America.

The two prominent Senators in this are Joe Biden of Delaware and Orrin Hatch of Utah. Biden is a graduate of Div 1-AA power Delaware and got his law degree from Syracuse. Hatch is product of BYU, who used to enjoy their glory days in football, and the Pitt law school.

We can allow a certain amount of alumnus rhetoric here -- Delaware did just squeak by Navy last week, but in a quick search of the latest polls, BYU certainly hasn't popped up as the new team to beat in Div I. Neither is Syracuse, and Pitt is struggling too.

So what's going on here?

Well, I could point out that Biden might be trying to get publicity to help his dark horse Presidential candidacy, a long time goal of his, but its hard to run a national campaign when your main electoral support is in one county of a small state. Hatch is safely serving a term that runs for a few more years, and his BYU Cougars are trying to reach .500 this week so I'm not sure what his motivation is besides getting a little home town press.

The real answer, or course, is a true Div I Football playoff, involving the winners, and a few other wildcard teams from all the Div I conferences. The problem is that a playoff like that would run through January, and despite the hopes and dreams of some alumni, would produce just about the same results as the present BCS, while providing us with an inordinate number of really bad football games and create academic problems for many football players.

Like it or not, the present system, even with the screwy biases built into its computer programs, is still a pretty accurate assessment of the relative ranking of the teams that play Div I football. I don't always agree with rankings, but I really haven't quibbled with who has played for #1 for a long time.

So maybe this "investigation" just highlights the fact that maybe our legislators need to get back to their districts and talk to real people, instead of attempting to bring some artificial "fairness" into American athletics.

American Sports, particularly Football is one of the last bastions of "reward for performance" left. You win, you get rewarded, you lose, you cry in your beer and retool to try to win it all next year. The last thing we need is legislation by outsiders to fix something that really isn't broken.

Of course DE Senator Joe Biden's Judiciary Committee could get cracking and approve some of the judicial appointments they've been sitting on for 2 years, but that would make too much sense, wouldn't it.

-- da Coach

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