You Can't Give too many Gimmes

Steve doesn't have too much good to say about NU's effort at <b>Purdue</b><br><br> But he does find a few good things to look at for next year...and there are a lot of interesting things going on in College Football and the BCS too.

Not too much to say about today's game in West Lafayette. You just can't give any team -- yet alone one as good as Purdue who's playing angry and at home -- all those gimmes. Fumble drills all week!
There were some good things, though. I was worried who we'd have in the backfield next year after Wright leaves, but Terrell Jordan [AP Photo left] looks like a keeper.

Also, our physical play continued -- with some good pressure on D from Howard and company. And we moved it pretty well -- especially on the ground -- against a pretty good defense as our line asserted itself some more. We chewed up the clock and moved the chains -- we just couldn't hang on to the ball!

But hopefully the team can shake it off for next week. As the Lions showed today, they're not going to lie down -- and you know Illinois won't either. We can beat PSU, but we gotta get our focus back.

On the plus side, the league's chances of two BCS teams continues to be strong. We'll lik-ely have OSU, Michigan and Iowa in the top 10 next week, with Purdue and MSU in the top 15 or so. The Hawkeyes may be our best bet for an at-large berth, but they still have to visit Purdue and Wisconsin.

But an interesting day. That OSU/PSU game was a good one -- and even I'm starting to think JoePa may have a point with these calls ... and then I get home and see the last two OTs in that Arkansas/Kentucky marathon.

Nationally ... well, it's the BCS' dream/nightmare scenario. On one hand, everyone's back in the hunt (even a 2-loss team like Michigan -- who could be this year's Colorado) and we have lots to talk about. On the other hand, things will get messy. And you can already hear the chants of west-coast bias ... wonder if they can recall the BCS out there in California?:)

Unless pollsters purposely drop FSU (the Noles and Trojans will likely move up the same number of spots in the polls with Miami's collapse), ole Bobby will still be ahead of USC in the BCS rankings. And with a tougher schedule remaining with more ranked teams, you could see LSU ... and Hang On Sloopy themselves, OSU, leapfrog the Trojans.

Gotta love college football -- now let's get ready for those Lions!


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