'Cats lose to Purdue

<i>No excuses, it just wasn't our best day -- </i>Randy Walker after the Game as the Wildcats had too many turnovers [including one by a guy who never fumbles] in losing to the Boilermakers.

Ouch - how many fumbles in the first quarter, and by who? What even Jason Wright fumbled and lost the ball?
NU coach Randy Walker?
You turn the ball over deep in their territory like we did in the game, and we kind of give them 14 -- its tough to beat a real good football team when you spot them that much.

That takes you out of the game plan , that takes you out of so many things on both sides of the ball  --  and I don't know of many teams that can overcome that.

Now, hopefully we got that out of our system  because that's now how we play  --  we are one of the best ball respect football teams I've been around, but today it came out and they took advantage of it like good football teams do and really we never got in a rythm and a chance to play our kind of football.
[on the WGN Postgame]
And the 14 points off of all those turnovers really opened up opportunities for Purdue...
They took advantage of having the lead, they kept us off balance with the run-pass mix, I think again its oneof those games you have and its kind of reminicent of their game last week with Michigan, it gets out away from you and all of a sudden, its hard to catch back up with it.

This was one of those games that got away from us, we're a better football team than we played like today, we haven't turned the football over like that for a long time, but it crept up and bit us.

We got that out of our system and we're going to play our best football next week -- we're going to need to playing a good Penn State team.
Ted Albrecht pointed out that the effort was there - and that Purdue is a highly ranked team...both in offense and defense...
Modern college football is so much dependent on not turning the ball over -- not making mistakes, and staying within a one score game. We turned the ball over, gave them a couple of short fields and they get a couple up and all of sudden everything in their playbook's there, and we reduced our playbook some.

And we never get on rhythm and they had us off balance the whole day and we never did get on rhythm as an offense ourselves and ...

No excuses, it just wasn't our best day. This is a good football team, and we've shown that we can be a good football team. We've just got to bounce back and we have a lot of football left in the season and we've still got a lot of things to play for.
And even with the loss, the Cats are still in the hunt for a bowl game...
That's the way we feel, we're going to try to win 7, we've got a chance to win 7, that's the way I look at it.

What's one of the most important things is that we bounce back -- we play quality football against Penn State, we have a chance to play well and we have a chance to win.
Standing in the way of a 7 win season are the Nitanny Lions of Penn State, the Wolverines of Michigan [both at home] and the Fighting Illini.

Penn State showed signs of life against OSU Saturday, Michigan had a romp over MSU, and the Illini...well.

Anyway, its time to get another home game win next week and we kinda owe Penn State.
Shades of parallel universe - NU fumbles twice early in the game with Purdue, and it leads to 14 points.
Friday night, my son's HS team fumbles twice early in the game, gives up 14 points early, but almost comes back to win.

Of course, I'm still having a hard time talking...
Next is Family Weekend and Penn State -- we'll see if the Cats shake off the fumble-itis...

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