Purple Reign Extra: Return of the Zack Attack?

One of the hallmarks of the <i>Cardiac Cats -</i> was what we called the <b>Zak Attack</b><br> <br> There will be a Zack in the house Saturday, just not <b>The Zak</b>

Forget all that other hype -- This week a "Zack Attack" will be back at Ryan.
The problem is this Zack has a "C" in his name, his last name is Mills and he's not from Chicago.<
Junior QB Zack Mills is the guy who is chasing all the Nittany Lion passing records:
  • All time completion leader [406]
  • #4 in Passing yardage [4,973]
  • #2 in Total Offense [5,482]
And he didn't have a lousy day playing against OSU's defense either:
  • 27 of 43 for 253 yards
  • 1 TD Pass
Last time NU played the Lions, Joe Pa took two weeks to set up a full house backfield. They rushed for 423 yards and Mills was 10 of 15 for 120 yards and two TDs. PSU humbled the Cats 49-0 at home.

Zack's performance [PSU Photo left] has been held back by his own injuries, he sprained his knee against Minnesota in October, and the loss of several of his top receivers.

Two of the WR's playing against OSU had been D-backs at the start of the season. Maurice Humphrey and Gerald Smith started the year trying to knock the ball down, but had to change sides due to injury, and other issues.

 One starter - Tony Johnson - has been sitting out due to disciplinary problems, expect him back this Saturday. Another starter Josh Hannum had a back injury but he's also expected back. Smith also had to leave the game Saturday  due to a concussion, he is doubtful, but probably isn't needed.

The other factor in this equasion is the youngish Offensive Line - At the start of the season, none of the 5 starters up front had ever started a game! Now that the O-Line is starting to get experience, the D-Line has been hit by the injury bug.

Add the PSU tendency to lose turnovers - they've lost the ball 19 times so far this year - and you can see why their in this losing season.

Besides the play of Mills, the shining light thru all this has been the PSU defensive secondary, led by the play of Chicagoland's Yaacov Yisrael. The Palatine, IL native is leading Penn State in tackles, and is 3rd in interception percentage. The PSU Defense is doing well slowing down other teams, because they have the Div I's best pass defense.

But the potential return of the Zack Attack - Penn State style at Ryan Field Saturday is what has me concerned.

Zack likes to throw the ball downfield, and that's a potential weakness of the Wildcats.

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