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Honors for some of the other <b>Football</b> Team players, the <b>Baz - Webb</b> controversy -- is there really one? and standing by your kids.

This and that heading into the game with Penn State:

One of the other football teams had a couple of All Big 10 selections -- the 7-10-1 [3-6-1] Women's Soccer team, despite their disappointing [read no tournament] season, placed two players on the All Big 10 Team and one on the All Big 10 Freshman Team.

All Big 10:
Aileen Guiney - a senior Midfielder - from Naperville North - 4 goals 4 assists - that puts here 2nd on NU's career assist list.

Molly Greene - a Senior at Defense - from Lake Forest, IL - 1 goal 1 assist

All Freshman Team:
Shannon Scheeman - Frosh Midfielder - from St. Paul, MN. - scored 1 goal

The 'Cats are going to miss those two seniors next year.

WNUR's Frank Tormey has an interesting take on the QB situation at NU right now....

Last Monday, there was a column that was pretty critical of starter Brett Basanez's attitude after the Purdue loss. The column implied that Baz better get less cocky and start winning or Alexander Webb would take over to save the day.

Hmmm, great strategy; pull a guy who was one of the top Frosh QB's last year, and run in a redshirt Frosh who has played maybe 10 plays of Big 10 ball period. You can count the number of really successful Div I teams starting a frosh on one hand? I can't. All of the "great" NU Quarterbacks were Juniors when they started to shine. I'd just like to to have a Junior QB starting here again.

This grumbling reminds me of the situation on our Cardinal Youth football team. There's a grandparent who thinks our QB's hands are too small, and that one of the RB's should actually be the quarterback. The problem is that we run a spread option attack, and the kid who is the QB is the only kid who actually understands how it works.

The grumbling started midway thru the first half last Saturday [fans get right up to the sidelines] but stopped when the QB with the small hands passed for the game winning PAT. The key is how well a kid runs the offense -- we put up 200+ yards rushing and won going away. Amazing how winning a game stops the griping.

Anyway, Frank did a pretty good job of wrapping up the controversy -- its worth a look on the WNUR page.

Despite what you might hear elsewhere, I'm told the team is disappointed with the season so far, but not discouraged.

The Evanston Review's Larry Watts writes that if NU's O-Line gives Baz a little more protection [the way RW did on Monday], this will be his breakout game. It would be nice - he's been sacked 16 times already this year, and now has to play with 3 of his 4 top wideouts wearing Orange jerseys in practice.

But if Walker has a fault, its his unquestioned public loyalty to his players. If all 5 of the guys up front ran interference on the field the way the Coach runs it at press conferences, Baz wouldn't be getting banged up, and the Cats would well on their way to a bowl this year.

If that's what it takes for the Wildcats to win out, I'm all for it.

-- da Coach

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