Northwestern's defeat at the hands of John Navarre, Chris Perry and the Wolverine receivers."> Northwestern's defeat at the hands of John Navarre, Chris Perry and the Wolverine receivers.">

Random Thoughts on a Whupping

"Bummed out" by the loss Saturday, the Coach is finally able to reflect on <b>Northwestern's</b> defeat at the hands of <b>John Navarre, Chris Perry</b> and the <b>Wolverine</b> receivers.

There are a lot of "themes" swirling in my head today...

The defeat at the hands of the #5 Wolverines was so complete that I still don't have an answer. After running back and forth chatting with a few fans, I sat down at the beginning of the 2nd quarter to watch and boom! Michigan put 24 points up on NU.

At times the Cats looked like they were in the old 5-3 defense, trying to cut down the running of Chris Perry - Whatever it was, it didn't work as John Navarre picked the shorthanded secondary apart, including the circus catch of the year.

So what are the themes that come out of the game?

The game was a tuneup for the Michigan OSU game.

"We didn't overlook them at all and we gave them all their respect," Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards said. "We trained for them as if they were the (Ohio State) team."
Boy did they ever.

I'm sure Lloyd Carr would rather his team have that prep time for the Buckeyes, but apparently he used the extra week to get his troops ready for both the Wildcats and the Buckeyes.

My aching back -- do we need a big playmaker in the defensive secondary.

Our big gun back there, Louis Ayeni didn't play again, at least not much and it showed.

What should bother everyone is that two big defensive playmakers - Ayeni and Torri Stuckey are gone next year, and we've had the rest of our d-backs learning on the job, and it seemed they got toasted all afternoon.

The O-Line did ok, but where were the receivers.

I have a couple of basic rules of how teams are playing, for example; If your QB has a got a lot of yards early in the game, his receivers are being shut down. Baz wound up as the leading rusher, out rushing Jason Wright, Noah Herron, et al.

Now you can't see the pass patterns on TV, but it seemed Baz had time to throw, just nobody to throw to.

There are high hopes and then there are realities.

In retrospect, its easy to say you were worried about this game. Everyone was cautious about our chances aganst #5 -- I had hoped we'd be able to use a tough defense to catch the Wolves' off guard.

They were ready for us.

Michigan keyed the backs, they covered the receivers, they picked on the secondary, in short they did everything they needed to win.

But the greater reality is that Michigan has a BCS quality team that just might be the best in the country right now.

I know I'd vote them into the Sugar Bowl after last Saturday

-- da Coach

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