Buffs Previal 67-56

It was <b>Northwestern's</b> first game of the season, but they were playing an NCAA tournament team with 4 of 5 starters back.<br><br> Even so, the Cats played <b>Colorado</b> tough until two of the Buffs got in foul trouble, then the Cats' game went south...

So here's the scene:
NU is up by 4 or 5, and the game's leading scorer, Colorado's Michel Morandais has shot double figures and only has 1 foul. How do you pull ahead?

Common wisdom would be to get him and one other guy in foul trouble, right?

Well, the Cats got both Morandais and David Harrison in foul trouble, sat them down, and watched while the Buffs ran off a bunch of points. After Davor Duvancic fouled out, it was all over as NU never got close again.

Prior to the game, NU Coach Bill Carmody did stress that the point of the early games is to see who can play in what situation.
How much freedom do you give your guys, you also have some guys on the team who have been role players, who have to consistently produce, so we have to find out about those guys.
And when the game was over, true freshman Vince Scott made his first 2 points. Vedran Vukusic tested his shoulder, Davor Duvancic showed some passing prowess and the French Connection [Jitim Young, Mohamed Hachad, T.J. Parker] had worked some early magic. Even Ivan Tolic of the very sore knees got in for a few minutes.

The Cats led at the half, 32-27, but were outscored 40-24 in the 2nd half - the Cats ran out of everything but the clock as Colorado pulled away.

After the game Bill Carmody had a few comments....
You have to give Colorado credit. You don't shoot that porrly on your own -- they defended well and with a minute to go we had only scored 19 points -- they guarded us.
In the second half, the Cats are up by 2 - Morandais and Harrison go out and that's when they go on their run.
The Good guys are supposedly out and the other guys just get together and play very well together and I don't know if it was a let down... when it was close we missed foul shots, they made theirs so give them credit for playing good defense.
Davor Duvancic seemed to do a great job early in the high post both on offense and defense.
I thought he did a great job...he kept the ball away, he got very few touches.

And then they just wore us down and that kid, Morandais is a very good player and he sort of broke us down a little bit and after it seemed they got the momentum we started losing some guys
[Duvancic fouled out, Scott had 4 fouls]

So Blair Wilson had some open looks, made some, missed some, but the defense wasn't as good in the 2nd half... [they had 15 offensive rebounds] and it seemed that they were always at an opportune time.
So you have less than 48 hours before the next game, what do you work on in practice tomorrow?
Short turnaround from the end of the game to this too, I just thought we were careless most of the night, even in the first half....shots were coming too quickly, there's a lot to work on, but luckily its our first game.
For the Cats, Jitim Young had 18 points, Vedran Vukusic played his first game in a year scoring 13 and T.J. Parker chipped in 12. Mohamed Hachad was the rebound leader with 7.
NU Basketball is back in action Sunday night against Chicago State in Evanston at 7:00 PM CST.

Same radio coverage, and same Chat.
 [Bill Carmody Quotes from the WGN Broadcast with Dave Eanet and Shon Morris]

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