SjT: A question for those familiar with bowl rules

This year <b>Northwestern</b> joined 7 other Big 10 teams with 6-6 records -- Bowl Eligibility.<br><br> Maybe, just maybe, the Big 10 could use their influence to juggle the bowl lineup in the Cats' favor?

With Wisconsin's loss giving the Badgers and Cats identical 4-4 conference marks (not to mention that WE BEAT THEM -- I just love saying that:) ) ... if we don't get to BCS bids, could the Big Ten put pressure on the Motor City Bowl to select NU with the seventh Big Ten pick because Wisconsin would have a decent shot of getting an at-large bid somewhere?

Just curious. Despite what NIU officials might say, I think NU can make a pretty good case for a bowl ...
  • Our 6-6 mark is not a "Minnesota 6-win season" (or in the case of last year, Wisconsin) where you only have 2 Big Ten wins and 4-0 against a cupcake NC sked. We're 4-4 in league play.
  • We've beaten two bowl-eligible teams (Kansas and Wisconsin) and came darn close against another in Air Force.
  • Besides the Air Force loss, our other defeats have come to top 25 teams with some impressive records. Miami, Michigan and OSU all have 10 wins, Purdue and Minnesota have 9.
Guess we'll have to wait for awhile to find out. In any case, when I predicted 6-6 (3-5 in league play) in the preseason, it was an admittedly optimistic pick and got its share of laughs.

And after the Air Force game (and again after Minnesota), I honestly thought we let our chances slip away. But these guys didn't give up and transformed their style of play -- and the season -- to become a physical, strong 6-win team.

Congrats to the coaches and players and thank you -- now work on HANGING ON TO THE *&!)(@*&^)! FOOTBALL before the bowl game.:)



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