Cats win by 16: 76-60

The <b>NU Wildcats</b> rebounded from their opening night loss by running away from <b>Chicago State</b> 76-60<br> Four <b>Cats </b>were in double figures, and even a walk-on got a point at the end of the game.<br> It was a win, but <b>Bill Carmody</b> wasn't totally satisfied with the play

Talk about coming back to earth fast....
So we're listening to the win on WGN and after the game, Dave Eanet introduces Bill Carmody - the coach of the Wildcats, asking about the difference between Friday's loss and tonight's win....

I think we had 14 turnovers tonight, we had 13 the other night so we're still very sloppy, I think --  probably 3 or 4 were in the last couple of minutes, and

I thought we did OK -- we shot the ball pretty well, we got some pretty easy shots and so that helps when you're making shots, but we didn't defend at all and they were probably doing the smartest thing, they weren't very much on offense, they were just trying to beat you one on one and we were up against some pretty talented guys on that team and we weren't able to contain them.
Any surprises?
Well, they have a bunch of new guys from last year so the first game we got a little bit of a scouting report and they said they were all pretty good one-on-one players, and the big guy [Jeleel Akindele] is coming around, he's a freshman and he's going to be pretty good.

And I thought they played hard the whole game.
You talked about taking care of the basketball and turnovers - one guy who seemed to be under more control was Mohamed Hachad [7 Points tonight].
Yeah, we emphasized it, I don't know, he threw about 3 in the last 5 minutes -- more turnovers than there should have been. I don't know, he listened to me for about 35 minutes and forgot what we said after that.

He's a little nutty that guy, he's talented, you don't want to pull him in, you want to let him go, because he's a creative guy, and he can do some things, but the object is to win the game too, so we gotta figure out some kind of balance too.
How about the first half play of Soph Guard Evan Seacat [2-3 from the 3 point line - 9 Points in the first half]? can just tell he came out and just said, "I'm going to shoot the ball," and he did. He knocked it down, and that was good to see because he's going to have to help us this year.
How about Davor [Davor Duvancic - who had a hard collision in the 2nd half] - I think everybody breathed a sigh of relief when they saw him stay in the game.
You know he has almost like a torn shoulder muscle. What that happened, it wasn't the ankle, it was back and it was bothering him most of the game, middle way through the first half. So he was concerned, he had that look on his face, just like a dull pain, he's had it a month now and they say it has to heal up, but it got aggravated on one of those spills.
So now its on the road against DePaul
Yeah, they played well last year and they had most of their guys back but they have a very good freshman class of guys so they're pretty deep and we're going to pick up a little bit so it should be a good test for us and a  good game.
Senior "small" Forward Jitim Young let the Cats with a double double - 23 point and 10 rebounds. Vedran Vukusic started to hit his shot in the second half, and finished in double figures with 11. Davor Duvancic and T.J. Parker both chipped in 10. Seacat had 9, Hachad had 7 and Vince Scott had his first 3 to finish with 5 points. Walkon Soph Josh Grier had his first points as a Wildcat with 1

Chicago State was led by Tony Weeden with 24 points. Craig Franklin finished with 11.

The game Tuesday night is down at DePaul - game time is 7:30 PM.

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