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In a Post of the Day last week, EC wrote about recruiting Illinois players and some of the difficulties signing kids from the neighborhood.<br><br> Mike thinks that NU needs to concentrate on and sign kids who have offers elsewhere...

Yes, Mikero did answer EC -- talking about NU Recruiting in Illinois, and elsewhere...

The problem with your logic is NU offered a whole bunch of the same players that Illinois has on their roster. O'Donnell, Bower, Gage, trepina, Adeyamo, Bubin, Strong, Hodges are the players off the top of my head that NU offered, not including guys like Duke Preston and Lonnie Hurst from out of state.

Illinois has kicked our ass in recruiting and continue to do so. [and] They might just have the worst coach in the big ten.

I also suggest you look at our roster and look at all the players that rarely get on the field and look where they are from. Many are the so called "finds" that you and I read about on these sites. For every Tim M. and Philmore we get, we have a bunch of low rated recruits that never see the field.

Some of our best players have been and continue to be from Illinois.

The problem with our recruiting in Illinois is we hardly ever (under Walker) get the studs that come out of Illinois. We get the players that not many other schools want or the kids who actually can think beyond 4 years from now.

I also think more then 25 percent of the kids could get into NU and I think that is an excuse that some RW supporters like to use to justify us getting our brains beaten in when it comes to recruiting.

Out of the four Illinois kids who are currently committed, only Hunter had another bigten offer.

If Nate Lyles, Marcus Randle El, Jamison and Walton all commit to NU, the same people who think Illinois is overated will say that it is the greatest recruiting class of all time.

I don't care where a kid is ranked, but I do care if he has other offers.

When we played Michigan and Ohio St., the talent difference was immense. Michigan could have beaten us by 50, but they called off the dogs. All three of Michigans starting receivers would have been the fastest player on NU.

I do agree that we have to recruit throughout the nation and that OSU blows.

Mikero near NU and is a frequent commentator on things in Evanston relating to Wildcat Football, you can join the discussion here by clicking here...

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