Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

Its almost too much to digest after Thanksgiving turkey with the family.<br><br> And it looks like there's lots of NU news to discuss. Here's a starting point...

Wow, what a past few days...
First off, the NU Basketball team deserves some applause - they're playing with a 7 man rotation, and getting worn down in every game. You can see them get tired about 10 minutes into every 2nd half.

It is obvious that the Cats miss having experienced guys like Jimmy Maley and Pat Towne around. Just having some more forwards would help this year, as the team works to find a combination that can play too many minutes. The walkon guards help, but we need another tall tower or two.

WGN's Dave Eanet held out the hope that Ivan Tolic would be rehabbed enough to play more after finals. We could have used him last night.

And how about those ESPN announcers -- after FSU began their comeback, they kept hinting that Evan Seacat just wasn't good enough to continue draining 3s, even though two of the other guys kept shooting and making them. I think Evan is as good a "mad bomber" as anyone -- keep shooting those 3's Seeeea-cat!

Congrats to Running Back coach Jeff Genyk being named the Head Coach at Eastern Michigan. In the few times I've been able to talk with him, he's always been a gentleman, and a very intense coach. His successes [DA2, JW] speak for themselves.

He should do very well up in the MAC.

At this hour, we know that Howard Feggins - NU's WR Coach and Jay Peterson - NU's D-Line coach are going to join Genyk at his new school. Feggins is to be the OC, Peterson the DC, both a move up the coaching ladder. As a result, you might see H-back/TE coach Jack Glowick move back to coaching the D-Line.

Another former NU player who might step into a formal coaching role is Justin Chabot. A lot of players already call him "coach," and his presence on the practice field is more in a coaching posture than an administrative role.

Long time fans of the Cats would love to see ex Atlanta Falcon fullback, and former NU star, Bob Christian brought in to replace Genyk. Now there's a recruiting presence -- a guy with a Super Bowl ring out recruiting players.

Anyway, I'm sure OC Mike Dunbaralready has a few guys in mind.

I'm also hearing that this year's freshman class is one of the "tightest" in recent history.

As a guy who has run a lot of scout teams during practice, I can tell you that the more backup guys play together as a team, the better they become. Tight scout teams become tight starting teams.

In college, you have the luxury of redshirting, and last year's recruiting class had a lot of redshirts.

We were all somewhat excited about the appearance of AD Mark Murphy on the halftime show of the Basketball game Monday night. I think everyone half expected a bowl bid announcement, etc.

I'm sure he would have enjoyed making that announcement on WGN last night, but what we got was a repeat of the letter to fans that is still running on the top of the NU Sports page.

I agree with our AD -- Buy your tickets through the NU Box Office - show the bowl folks that we can sell seats 'cause future bowl bids just might rest on how well we do this time.
-- da Coach

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