NU Holds on for 69-61 win

and maybe the <b>Bisons'</b> would be another FSU type team, and, as with the other night, it seemed that the Cats just couldn't or wouldn't put them away.<br><br> But it turns out NU's coach half expected Bucknell to keep coming back, and back and back...

The Cats were outscored in the 2nd half 33-32,
but Jitim Young had another Double Double - 20 Points, 12 Boards, plus 6 assists and 5 steals. T.J. Parker put up 14, and Evan Seacat contributed 3 from outside the arc. Mohamed Hachad sat down with 2 early fouls during most of the 1st half [18 minutes], but came back with 2 of 3 treys during a critical time in the 2nd half.

Add some good post play by Davor Duvancic [backed up by Vince Scott] and another decent performance from Vedran Vukusic, the Cats held on to a 69-61win, and Northwestern is back to .500 after 6 games.

After the game, NU Coach Bill Carmody seemed relieved to come away with the win..
BC: We knew it, this is a very solid team, a well coached team. I've played against them a number of times [back at Princeton] and Coach Flannery is a terrific coach...they just came with their stuff and I knew they were going to come on in the 2nd half, and they did.

And we got sloppy at the end, I don't know... I was sort of pleased, you know we played...I tried to stress playing a full 40 minutes because we played pretty good for 25 minutes - 30 minutes in a couple of games, but I thought we played pretty well tonight.
It seemed that Davor Duvancic was playing better inside, more focused on scoring in the paint,
Yeah, we just said you have to throw it down, don't chuck stuff, just throw it down. You know he played 40 minutes the other night and took 2 shots, so that can't happen, the center on your team has got to do more than that and you can't just think about passing all the time, you have to be aggressive and he did a nice job.
Jitim Young had another good night...20 Points, 12 Boards, 6 assists and 5 steals
and no turnovers, That's a heck of a line.

A couple of times he could have thrown the ball out. He had 5 guys on him, he was playing 5 on 1 but he did pretty nice.
And Evan Seacat comes in and hits his first 3 3-s
Evan, in both games, against Florida State and tonight. You know he's feeling a little bit better about himself and last year he went into games  - he wasn't afraid to shoot, but he was afraid to make 'em and this year I don't think he's afraid to make 'em.
You thoughts on rebounding - you were out rebounded 36-25.
You don't have a lot of great jumpers out there and we're small and only 7 guys so its difficult. And you saw how the guy was getting the ball down in the paint and they scored.

We're playing Bowling Green and they had a guy - similar kind of guy 6-7 and he'd throw it down and they're very tough - by the name of Netter, so that really concerns me.
Saturday's game marks the end of a long stretch for the Wildcats - can you see the strain in the players?
It's tiring, its a mental fatigue, plus 12-14 days you can't really practice, so you can't work on things really you have to work on, 'cause you're so tired and all you really can do is go through a scouting report and walk through and there are things that you want to spend -- you want to drill for 40 minutes and make sure you get it done and we haven't been able to that, so...

and we have exams coming up on Monday and its been a tough time all around for us.

In our Pregame Intel Report we outlined these challenges. How'd we do?
Contain another Hot Guard - Bettencourt. - He shoots 3s, makes half his free throws, steals, has 11 assists, probably makes good coffee too.
The Soph phenom was 0 fer in the first half from the floor, but made 2 Freethrows and 3 from the arc to finish with his low for the year - 11 points. I heard Vedran guarding him a couple of times when he missed from the arc.
Control the Middle - These guys bring 3 really tall centers. Davor Duvancic and Ivan Tolic [and Vince Scott if he can] will have a job Wed night. The good news is that they only have 3 blocks.
Bucknell's Chris McNaughton showed why he was the Frosh of the Week last week; 9 of 10, 4 of 4 freethrows for 22 points. He had a bunch of rebounds too. Davor and Vince did a reasonable job in the paint tonight.
Capitalize on the turnovers - the Bisons have 55 turnovers in 3 games! We need to get some points on these. They've only got 3 blocks total!
Don't have the stats yet, but in the 2nd half our steals kept us in the game. Vedran had a couple of key steals down the stretch.
Take care of the Basketball - here's a chance to really work on passing and getting our offense to work.
Add zero turnovers to Jitim's totals for the game
Play that zone [baby]
We played some decent defense until the end of the game when we let Bucknell back into the scoring. For example Bettencourt had most of his points at the end of the game.
Next up is Bowling Green, who lost big tonight to Buffalo. The game is in Bowling Green, game time is Noon Central. We should have the pregame Intel report up Friday morning.
[Bill Carmody's Post Game comments are taken from the WGN Post Game Show
with Dave Eanet and Dave Kaplan, and may be editied for clarity]

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