NU over Bucknell

The Pep Band was back, the Lady Cats were back, the cheerleaders were all there, and some of the students were back.<br><br>The <b>Wildcats</b> defensive pressure was also back.

Here are Michael Jackson's Game Notes from the NU Win Wednesday
The Bucknell Bison ran into a buzz saw in the first half.  The Cats were much quicker than they were and were able to create turnovers from their full-court press.  Their half-court defensive sets were also very effective early in the game.  They doubled the score of the Bisons 32 to 16 at one point.  Evan Seacat, playing most of the first half, scored three straight three-pointers during that stretch. 

The Bisons looked like the team that couldn't.  They missed open shots, didn't protect the ball and didn't crash the boards.  Only a last second three- point shot got the lead under 10 points going into the half.

It is too bad the Wildcats lack a killer instinct.  They could have put the game away several times in the second half.  Jitim Young was able to slice inside for his creative one-handed leaners many times.  He consistently out-rebounded players much taller than him. 

Davor Duvancic scored all his 8 points in the second half.  He was able to drive to the basket and score over the taller centers of the Bisons.  Mohamed Hachad made a couple of three-pointers late to help clinch the game.
The Cats interior defense was lacking especially in the second half. Chris McNaughton, 6-11 frosh center, was able to score many easy shots from in the lane.  He shot 9 for 10 from the floor for the game.  He single-handedly kept the Bison in the game. 
Late in the first half, Davor went down trying for a steal.  He left the game holding his shoulder.  You could almost see the Cats season going down with him.  The trainers went to work on it for about 10 minutes  He was able to return and played well.  Hope there is no further trouble. 
Jitim Young  - Great game, scoring rebounding, still tries to force too many inside shots in traffic but that is his game
TJ Parker--  Ran offense well, many steals and backdoor scores,  disappeared early in the second half but played well early and late when it counted
Mohamed Hachad
- turned the ball over early in game and sat most of first half, very good second half, defensive pressure led to many steals
Davor Duvancic --  very strong second half, a presence at high-post, many plays start with him there
Vedran Vukusic --  not his best effort, played hard but not effectively
Evan Seacat --  shot well first half, was effective running the offense
Vince Scott --  [AP Photo above] getting much better in the offense, has trouble guarding bigger players, improving
The Team
-cut down on turnovers, shot the ball well, defended aggressively, lacked killer instinct, need to pick up their game before the Big Ten season starts, improving but is it enough??

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