SjT on BGSU, Bowls, Etc.

Ah yes, the ESPN broadcast team and some of their antics set SjT off this morning.<br><br> Here's his take on some of what he saw and heard and some commentary on the Wildcat season too...

Caught the final moments of the MAC title game (folks, that Miami of Ohio loss looks less and less embarassing each week -- that's a GOOD team right
Kirk Herbstreit did the impossible and made Lee Corso look smart.

Talking bowls (they were reporting that BGSU will get a Motor City bid after the game), he mentioned how the Falcons likely opponent in Detroit was Wisconsin (never mind that they've signed on with the Music City Bowl!:) ). Then they mentioned that if OSU gets a BCS bid, it has a ripple effect on the league ... which good ole Kirk then said left Wisconsin as the odd team out to move into the Motor City Bowl. Huh?

No mention of Northwestern whatsoever.

Nice job with the homework, boys. It'd be nice to have 'em know a little about college football -- especially the Motor City Bowl possibilities since they're doing the MAC title game and BGSU will likely be headed there.

Oh well, didn't see much of the game, but I sure hope that if we do get invited to Detroit that BGSU saved some of those turnovers for us.

As for Miami, I remember watching that opener in Kinnick to see our foe for the next week -- that was Ben Roethlisberger's worst game and if he's even halfway on in that game, they're right in there at the finish. They're easily the best non-BCS league team out there and deserve better than Mobile. As for Roethlisberger, looks like he'll continue the tradition of MAC quarterbacks in the NFL.

They did mention Tennessee possibly edging out OSU for the last BCS bid -- I'd like to think that if the BCS looked at quality wins, strength of conference and who deserves it that the Vols and Bucks would beat out Texas, but this could be a close call as to whether we get to go bowling or not come Sunday.


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