The Bowl Picture Gets Cloudy

And here to sort it out for Purple Reign readers?<br> Who else but SjT who keeps track of these things...

First off, I LOVE it! Screw the BCS!!! No matter who you take to New Orleans, one team has a valid argument that they were snubbed. After years of escape, it finally happened, and a split national title is a big possibility.

Plus, it leaves Texas on the outside looking in and you know that some rich ole Texans are steamed about that. Next time guys, try beating someone more impressive than Nebraska or Okie State.:)

I'd say that we have two things in our favor -- Miami played Florida State AND Tennessee earlier this year. Neither game makes for a really interesting bowl rematch.

Since it appears that OU will back into the title game ala Nebraska in 2000 without winning its league title, I'd say our fate rests on who else gets invited to the Sugar.

Should LSU go ...

SUGAR: Oklahoma vs. LSU - Great defensive matchup!
ROSE: USC vs. Michigan - The granddaddy is back! Could be the best game

That leaves KSU locked into the Fiesta and since they've played already, FSU and Miami will be split up. So ...

ORANGE: Miami vs. Ohio State - Rematch of last year, not of this year vs. UT
FIESTA: KSU vs. FSU - Battle to see who's the worst of the BCS bunch?

But, should USC make it ...
SUGAR: USC vs. Oklahoma - Probably 1/2 in the polls

Then you have Michigan locked into Pasadena, KSU into Tempe and Miami probably in Miami. The problem comes on where you put those ragin' cajuns (and if a 12-1 SEC team gets left out, they will indeed be ragin':) ) ...

I'd like to see ...
ROSE: Michigan vs. LSU - To make it up to the Tigers, they get the Rose Bowl bid and a matchup with #4 to keep hopes alive of a split title -- plus, Saban vs. his old buddy Carr might be worthwhile. That would leave KSU/FSU in Tempe and Miami/OSU in the Orange like above.
But I fear ...
ROSE: Michigan vs. Florida State -- And I puke with 4 weeks of "Ole St. Bobby getting to play in the gag-dum granddaddy of 'em all" stories - ICK!

ORANGE: Miami vs. LSU - The Canes are a bigger opponent than K-State for the SEC champs and the SEC is closer to Miami than Tempe
FIESTA: Tennessee vs. K State - SEC pressure (because a Peach Bowl bid would be a slap in the face to the #5 or 6 team nationally) gets the Vols a big bowl bid

If the computers go berzerk and we get the two conference champs with 1 loss meeting in New Orleans, that could leave us in trouble ...
SUGAR: USC vs. LSU - These two deserve it the most, but it ain't gonna happen
ROSE: Michigan vs. FSU - I'm gonna barf ...
ORANGE: Miami vs. Oklahoma - With the Sooners in the top 4, they HAVE to be taken and you can't have 'em in Tempe vs. K-State ... and they were in Pasadena last year, so that leaves the bowl matchup we all WANTED a few years ago as the only choice
FIESTA: K-State vs. Tennessee - OSU was there last year and won't bring as many fans in a return trip as the Vols would this year

So I'd say our best hope is for a LSU/Oklahoma Sugar and a USC/Michigan Rose -- that leaves OSU as the only team that could play Miami in the Orange Bowl who the Canes haven't faced already this season. Though we're still alive with OSU at-large in the others as well, as they'll be the #5 BCS team and hard to ignore.

What a wild day! Seeing USC as the #1 team in the nation in both polls but not getting a bid in the national title game could give the Wildcats a berth in Detroit AND spell the end of the BCS. That would be a nice early Christmas gift!:)

About the only thing that could make it better would have been Notre Dame winning, finishing 6-6 and NOT being able to get into a bowl while the 6-6 Cats played in the Motor City Bowl. All the NBC contracts in the world couldn't save the Irish in that scenario -- THAT's why they need the Big Ten more than we need them.

We'll see Sunday how this all shakes out.
PS - Since it is Saturday night, to borrow from an old SNL skit: "The Bowl Championship Series is neither a series nor will it determine a champion this year.
Go CATS!!!

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