The Cats get the Falcons in Motown

The Hot News for Wildcat Fans is the bid to the Motor City Bowl on December 26th.<br><br> But Steve has some comments on who else got invited where by the BCS...and he isn't overly pleased...

Not only did the BCS massively commit suicide today, it really gave us a rotten undercard ...
FSU vs. Miami? Ick. No one outside of Florida cares and the first game this year was about as ugly as a game could get, weather aside. Miami blew the Noles out all the way and the rematch will be a snoozer of a finish to bowl day.

And K-State/Ohio State ain't exactly a doozy either. I'm surprised that the Fiesta brought the Bucks back two years in a row ... must either be a contractual thing (Tennessee returned after winning their title in Tempe) or something with which bowl picked last.:)

OTOH, the two national semifinals ... that aren't semifinals, unfortuately, should be great. Oklahoma will face the kind of Bayou Blitz the Illini did a couple years back as purple and gold will rock the Superdome to give LSU a home game for one half of the national title.

And if USC had any fans, they could do the same thing:) ... but instead the Granddaddy of 'em all is back in a BIG way with a USC/Michigan clash that could be one of the classics.

1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 ... nah, that makes too much sense.

But hey, at least they got two Big Ten teams in there and the CATS ARE BOWLING once again. I'm sure the Vols are less than pleased at being bumped back to the Peach Bowl for a second straight year while the Gators and Rebs get January 1 dates ... but the BCS went with the higher team, I guess. (I too was worried when FSU and Miami were named in the Orange).

Did we deserve it? Yes. We finished .500 in the Big Ten. We have six wins. We faced a rough schedule and are definitely one of the top half of division 1 teams. Our losses came to a team with 12 wins (Miami), two with 10 (Michigan and OSU) and two with 9 (Purdue, Minny), plus Air Force (7). That's 57 wins among six teams! And we beat two bowl teams in Wisconsin and Kansas. Did NIU, Marshall and some other teams get screwed? Yes. But not at our expense. If we were 2-6 in league play and 6-6 overall, or if we played an easier schedule, I might agree -- but we earned this bowl bid.

Hopefully we'll be able to fill a lot of seats in Ford Field in purple and finally get a bowl game win. We know what Josh Harris can do, so at least that won't be a surprise. And if we just run the ball (Toledo ran the ball well on BGSU) like we did against Illinois, we'll be fine.

Most of all, I'm thrilled for Jason Wright, Pat Durr, Kunle Patrick (tie that record!:) ) and the rest of this small, loyal and warrior senior class who stuck with the Cats through rough seasons and a bad start to this year to turn it around and get a bowl bid. It will be a fitting send-off to these guys and the extra practices will be needed to set up our returning Cats for next year when, as some have pointed out, we have an equally tough schedule.


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