Brandon Lee's been busy

Even though he's signed his letter of intent, <b>NU Basketball recruit Brandon Lee</b> still has a season of High School Basketball left to play.<br> <br> He plays for <b>Peoria Central</b>, an Illinois powerhouse and recently played a tournament scouted by non other than our <i>theInsiders</i> Basketball Guru.

Dave Telep's Holiday Basketball tournament stories
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Have turned up a few tidbits on Brandon Lee [Peoria Central's other guard]. According theInsiders Basketball guru Dave Telep,
Major props to him. He's such a tough customer when it comes to getting into the paint. He's a very good finisher.

He's headed to Northwestern, likely to be a role player, who can defend. To make the transition smooth at that level he's going to need an improved jumper.

Now, on Saturday you can make the argument that he was the MVP for Central against Mater Dei when he had 20 points and made 8-of-12 shots, mostly coming at the rim.
Brandon will probably be overshadowed this year by the presence of Shaun Livingston, who also may not play up to potential ...
[Peoria] Central lacks a true post presence which doesn't give [this] terrific passer a target on his drives. If his assist total looks a little low this season that should be taken into consideration because he's such a sensational passer and loves to find guys, even though he lacks the finisher that he'll have at Duke.
What it sounds like [reading between Dave's Lines] is that Brandon Lee is going to have to make thoes shots up near the rim and play defense this year, while working on a good jump shot. He'll probably benefit from being one of the guys Livingston looks for as their play develops.

In any case, with the signing of Lee and Sterling Williams it looks like NU is stocking up on Shooting Guards for the future. Now we need to find that elusive "big man" that even Powerhouse Peoria Central [and half of basketball] can't seem to find...
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