Practice Notes from the 1st Weekend

Our <b>Wildcats</b> had their first weekend drills in Pads.<br> <br>Here are the notes, taken by Coach Roy during the practice...

Echoing NU Coach Randy Walker -- it was good to see the guys out there in pads and able to hit people....

1. The 3 guys fighting for Pat Durr's slot at Middle Lineback are: Adam Kadela, Erryn Cobb and Demetrius Eaton. Accoring to LB Coach Pat Fitzgerald, its just about even right now, with Tim McGarigle also working into the other "mike" position when they run a 3-4.

Not having DE Loren Howard hurts, they can't really run a 4-3 with everyone. Barry Cofield is definitely the guy at D-End right now with Luis Castillo playing in the middle in the 3-4

2. Marquice Cole, Derell Jenkins and Terrell Jordan are the kick returners. Walker had a lot of fun using the pitching machine Saturday AM working on their technique.

3. Brian Huffman is the punter, no doubts about that, but Ryan Peterson was the other guy in the half field punt rush drills - both were booming punts in the 60+ yard range [with the wind], and Peterson had one that carried well over 70 yards.

4. NU will be using the Tight End more again, if practice was any indication. There was a lot of short dump off passes to the TE in the 7 on 7 drills Saturday -- QB Brett Basanez was chuckling when asked is they were planned.

5. A couple of plays that got written down:
  1. Baz hit WR Mark Philmore for decent yardage on some short routes. There wre others, but Philmore's stood out
  2. WR Shaun Herbert beat CB Deante Battle on a hook pattern ove rthe middle  for a good gain, but I didn't see Battle fall for the cut again.
  3. WR Brandon Horn made a really nice leaping grab that he ran in for a TD
  4. RB Nathan Shanks made a nice grab over the middle -- Shanks almost always runs his plays to the endzone, even after the whistle blows.
  5. RB Terrell Jordan has a really good move through a seam opened up by the left side of the O-Line.
6. Its been reported that Alex Webb might have quit the team. He left halfway through the Friday drills [about 5 PM] and according to the media office was given Saturday off -- he got a free pass. During the early drills Friday, he was working with the 2nd team Center and RB.

7. Adam Crum was playing center with Chris Malleo when he took over the 2nd unit. The second unit O-Line appears to be the same as on the "official" 2-deep, but Crum was at center instead of Clarke.

8. Former LB Doug Szymul is working as an intern in the media office. He was joined on the sidelines during Friday's scrimmage by Jason Wright and a few other former players. They had some pretty funny comments [unrepeatable] about spring drills, and the coaches.
There also were quite a few scouts and prospects hanging around watching, taking notes. TE recruit Ben Rinker was on the sidelines Saturday -- he is one big guy.

They get back at it this afternoon...4 PM, but if you want to watch it all, get there at 3:30PM

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