Turkey Day 2004

We're taking the day off to celebrate with our family. <p><b>Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!</b><br>

To all our fans and Wildcats Everywhere...

Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, we whup the Warriors and go to a bowl!
Sunday, we whup the Buffs and get back on track!

How 'bout that for a holiday weekend?

Coach Roy
Chris Pool
Dave Telep

Plus - the rest of the crew at Scout.com

And -- GoCatsGo, P2, Termy, Warcat, all our Post of the Day contributors, and the rest of the Purple Reign family...

[Future Opponents should not take the picture above as a representation of how we see the rest of the teams on our schedules... Yeah, right]

Go Cats - Beat 'em All

By the Way - Here's a copy of our first President George Washington's first Thanksgiving Day proclaimation.

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