Previewing Michigan

The Big 10 Tournament kicks off with <b>NU vs Michigan</b>. <p>The teams split during the regular season, so its the rubber game, and the game where the winner goes on to face #1 <b>Illinois...</b><br>

Bill Carmody on the Teleconference:
BC: Well, we're going against Michigan on Thursday, and we just played them a week ago - we won at our place - and earlier in the year they won at their place.

Its a team I don't like to face again because of their size and strength inside but its who you play and I don't know who else we'd like to play to tell you the truth - we didn't play well against Indiana on Saturday, they had something to do with that, they're playing very well right now - Indiana but we'll just have to get our guys ready the next couple of days - its a first round game.

Something you will see in the game will be a lot of guard play by Michigan. BC was asked about the college game becoming a guard's game...
BC:I think the games are more controlled, you know how coaches are, always trying to be sure and you tighten up a little bit so there are fewer shots actually, but I think that you are a little more conservative with your play calling stuff and your guards just have the ball in their hands more and you go deeper into the shot clock because of that feeling you get a good shot each time, but you know, that's my guess.
Are you surprised that coaches are using more guards now?
BC: Its just, I guess its just ball handling, handling and shooting and then when I was at Princeton, we almost always went with 3 guards, we called them a small forward, but just so many kids could get to the basket and made a shot, people thought that was a big problem going against someone 6-6, but smaller guys always play bigger guys down at the park - the school yard, but I think the matchup works better in favor of the smaller player, actually. So its become a trend and I think for good reasons because shooting is so important now, and dribbling and speed. You know the game is so fast.

Its a little easier going in as a defensive coach and say, OK, lets stop this 6-10 guy, we can double team him. Its a little hard to double team guards and they have the ball all the time.

Later in the interview - when nobody was asking questions - Carmody commented that nobody was interested in 8 vs 9. Its Ager and Michigan Today...

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