Commit #1 - Brad Phillips

From (1971-1975) Duane Phillips was a member of the Northwestern football program, Now Brad Phillips will follow his father's footsteps as he has made a verbal pledge to the Wildcats. The Murrysville (Pa.) Franklin Regional safety/quarterback earned an offer at camp and officially committed on Monday

According to his mother Mary Phillips.
"He is on vacation right now, but he called us yesterday between 12:30-1:00 P.M. and told us he made it official," Mary Phillips said. "It's a great school, and a great opportunity for him. he has worked very hard as has his father to get his name out there. Our family is from the Midwest so it's a good fit. My husband and I are from Peoria, Illinois. I went to Illinois State and he went to Northwestern.

Phillips, 6-3 and 205-pounds, is an intriguing prospect, he stars at quarterback for Franklin Regional, but he is also a very good safety prospect and that is where the Wildcats see him according to his father Duane Phillips.

"He was at the Northwestern camp for three days, and he ran a 4.47, so that got their interest," Duane Phillips said. "He rolled his wrist last season and missed some action, but he had a solid season."

Phillips was actually going to commit sooner, but due to the stringent academic policies they had to make sure he would make it through admissions.

"They were making sure he was clear academically, they check your GPA, SAT, your senior courses, and everything else," Duane Phillips said.

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