Vukusic's 22 Not Enough: DePaul 59 NU 49

Vedran Vukusic shot 9 of 16 from the floor for 22 points, but the only Craig Moore came close to double figures [9] on 3 treys as DePaul beat the Wildcats 59-49.

Once again the Northwestern Backcourt went missing...
and even 9 points from Frosh guard Craig Moore, 6 from center Vince Scott, and 5 from from forward Tim Dole wasn't enough. The 3 starters; Michael Jenkins, Mohamed Hachad and Bernard Cote` produced just 2 points in the game.

Moore and Scott both came off the bench with 15 to add to Vukusic's 22 but the Cats shot only 29% from outside the arc, just under 40% from the floor and 66.7% from the line.

DePaul shot 22 of 45 from the floor [48.9%] and 8 of 19 [42.1%] from the arc. They also had 7 free throws. Newcomer Karron Clarke finished with DePaul's High score of 15, Jabari Currie had 13 and Marcus Heard scored 11. Sammie Mejie had 9, Marlon Brumfield had 4 points.

After the game, Dave Eanet noted that the Cats cut the lead down to 5, but every time the Cats hit a big shot, the Demon's answered at the other end..

Yea, they answered everything we did.

You know we didn't get there too often, but we had a little stretch there and we had to have them miss and to tell the truth, the good guys were getting their shots, so they worked it around until they got their good guys a shot and they knocked it down.
Before the game Dave and the coach had talked about someone other than Vedran coming up big today...
Right, you know, the whole first half we didn't run what we were supposed to be running Dave, and I thought that the leadership in the back court was abysmal so,

But Moore looked like he did OK in there now - he missed some shots, but he's going to be ok, and Sterling, I like that guy and I've got to keep him in there because nobody else is doing anything even if its just for that.
Was that why we didn't see Mohamed in the second half, we didn't see Bernard after the early part of the game?
You saw the first half - there was nothing in the back court from Jenkins or Mohamed and Bernard was just floating around out there. He had bad back spasms just before the game and they were working on him the last 10 minutes before warmups, so we'll give him a pass on that one.
They noted that Cote seemed to play off on to Vedran Vukusic after that and someone had to take over from Vukusic later in the game.
Someone's got to step up , you can't expect this kid [Vukusic] to do everything. You're going to have stretches like that. It wasn't like he was playing poorly, but you do get tired out there, and someone has to come through - you know none of the older guys seem ed to be able to do that.
It was a very frustrated Bill Carmody again after the game.

Next is a trip to Charlotte Virginia for the Wildcats and a pretty good Virginia Cavalier team on national television on ESPn-U.

Bill Carmody's post game comments from the WGN Post Game Show
with Dave Eanet and Bob Hildebrandt

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