Team Effort Swats the Hornets: NU 61 DSU 54

Delaware State kept coming back on the Northwestern Wildcats Saturday night, but a couple of other players stepped up to give NU the win in overtime. Vedran Vukusic missed scoring 20, but the bench and the "other" forward hit for double figures as the Cats go back over .500. We've got NU coach Bill Carmody's post game comments on the game played as the snow fell in Evanston...

All game long, we kept saying the Cats will win if they get 60
And that's what they did, as Mohamed Hachad and Tim Doyle provided the firepower at the end of the game, as Delaware State boxed up Vedran Vukusic, holding him under 20 for the first time this year.

Not that he didn't get close, Vukusic went 8 for 15 to get 19 on the night, along with 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

But Mohamed Hachad combined 7 for 8 shooting with 1 for 1 from the arc [and 2 free throws] to score 17 to go with his 7 rebounds. Tim Doyle made 3 of 4 from the floor [1-1 from the arc] and a near perfect 6 of 7 from the line to finish with 13, and 5 rebounds.

Vince Scott finished with 6 points, and 1 rebound, and Bernard Cote played 10 minutes in the first half, hitting his first 3 pointer and grabbing a rebound too. Craig Moore played 35 minutes at point - only hit one 3 pointer, but had 6 assists against no turnovers.

High scorer for DSU was Jahsha Bluntt with 18 points on 7 of 12 from the floor and 4 of 8 from the arc, mostly in the 2nd half. He also had 6 rebounds.

Overall, the rebounding was even NU 27 to 28 for DSU. Del State had 15 turnovers against 7 steals. The Cats had 14 TOs, and 8 steals. Unlike last year, Del State only blocked 4 shots tonight. NU shot 52% on field goals, 31% from the arc and 67% from the line. They had 21 points off turnovers.

After the game, Dave and Coach Bill Carmody compared notes on the games this year, and last...
Yeah, it was almost the exact same kind of game. We got the lead and then we had 2 or 3 turnovers when we should have broke it open or at least get it to 12 - 13 at the half, that's a lot of points.

That's a big spread to have against this team because they don't score in a hurry but then they made their shots when they had to, we didn't get offensive rebounds, you let them back off the hook by missing foul shots.

Right to the very end, you know throwing the ball over to you guys [the WGN broadcast team]. You guys must have been open.
There were a few mistakes, but Dave also pointed out the ball handling of Tim Doyle [4 assists], and Graig Moore's [6 Assists] improving play...
Craig - you know he threw a couple in. He threw that bounce pass at the end. He threw another one to Mo on the other side of the court, I think. Same thing, same play.

You know, they're changing their defenses so much you try to find one offense that will work against both and its difficult.
Bob Hildebrandt pointed out that Moore had another game without any turnovers.
Except that air ball, you gonna count that as a turnover?

That guy? He's a basketball player and he's inexperienced, but he's not afraid and like you say, he takes care of the ball. He throws it to the right guy, and that's important.
What did they do to Vedran, he got his only 3 with 8:50 left in the ball game. Then Mohamed and Tim did all the rest of the scoring in the ball game.
You know they were all over Vedran - 2 guys, they were boxing one on the first play of the game, two guys were boxing 1 and at different times they were doing that, and we tried to ignore that as best we could and that's what opened up Timmy, they did a lot of trapping so you saw some passes.
And 33 [Jahsha Bluntt}, all he does is catch and shoot, its in the scouting report and we're just not close enough. The guy can make shots and those 3s in this kind of game are vital.
How encouraging was tonight's game, with other players stepping up and scoring, good playing off the bench, and Doyle with another nice game...
Well Timmy's been pretty consistent. He's averaging 10-12 points a game, he's working on - assist to turnover ratio is fantastic, and you know, he's a limited kid, he's not the best jumper or runner, but even after that pass he threw to Vedran, that hook pass over there in regulation, Vedran knocks that down, you say, "Man that was a heck of a pass."

You can't forget that kind of stuff.
And there's the other things he does, manufacturing rebounds, tipping the ball to team mates...
He's a smart player .

And Mohamed came around a little bit in the second half the other night and he did OK today, but he's still doing stuff like he did as a freshman, he drives you crazy that guy.
What about Bernard Cote? [3 Pts/10 mins]
They told me right at game time, "He feels good."

But I was afraid to put him in in the second half just because he was a little tight, there was just a little tightness and I said, naw, forget about it, although we can always use that shooting. You saw he stepped in there and just knocked the first one down.
What's the main objective between now and the game with UIC December 14th
Get a 7 footer and a couple of guys who make shots.
And with that, the Court Cats take a few days off for exams, then work on finishing the pre conference season strong.

Two tough games are coming up, UIC at home December 14th, and Seton Hall on the road the 18th.

Bill Carmody's post game comments from the WGN Post Game Show
with Dave Eanet and Bob Hildebrandt

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