3 Cats on Tewaaraton Watch List

Last year Kristen Kjellman finished 2nd, and she's on the Watch List again for 2006, along with teammates Sarah Albrecht and Lindsey Munday...

Well to be sure, Kristen didn't win and in our hearts she's always right near the top, but anyway, Kjellman, Albrecht and Munay, and a few others, like Kelly Kasper of Maryland, Katie Chrest of Duke, and a few other Big 10 players, Renee Cipro and Jesse Lieb of Penn State.

Northwestern and Penn State are the only two Big 10 Schools playing big time Women's Lacrosse right now.

The Watch list includes players from all 3 divisions nominated by coaches and are the early season hopefuls for the 2006 Tewaaraton Trophy given to the top player in Men's and Women's Lacrosse.

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