Lacrosse Cats back to #1

Its been a true team effort, this 2006 Lacrosse Season. Its had its ups [lotsa points] and downs [Duke] but with an ACC Tourney Loss, NU is back on top of the polls.

The Blue Devils probably thought...
they'd roll thru the ACC Tournament, revenge their loss to Virginia, and set up a rematch with an underdog NU Wildcats.

But the Duke Blue Devils lost to the Cavaliers at the "Raven's purple palace" -- M&T Bank stadium on Sunday, and the Bounce Entertainment/IL media poll now mirror's Bert & Ernie's evaluation of Women's Lacrosse last week. Northwestern is #1, the best team in College Lacrosse right now.

Of course both teams will have to prove it on the field, and maybe the bigger quesiton in Women's Lacrosse is which NU player deserves to be the Tewaareton Trophy candidate?

Right now, you can make a case for Kjellman, Munday, Josephs, Albrecht, well, you get the idea.

Once again, all together now, "We're #1, We're #1..."

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