Kjellman Finalist, Again

The 5 Tewaaraton Award Finalists have been announced, and Northwestern University's Kristen Kjellman is again on the list...

The List looks familiar:
1. Katie Chrest, Duke University
2. Crysti Foote, University of Notre Dame
3. Kristen Kjellman, Northwestern University
4. Nikki Lieb, University of Virginia
5. Coco Stanwick, Georgetown University

All were selected as Tewaaraton Award finalists, the award given to the top male and female Lacrosse players each year.

Kjellman is presently NU's leading scorer, with 65 goals [3.6 per game] and 25 assists in NU's 18 games so far. She was a finalists for the award last year but lost out to Duke's Katie Chrest.

NU has faced 2 of the other 4 finalists - NU held Katie Chrest to 4 goals and an assist in their game April 7th, NU's only loss this year. Notre Dame's Foote scored 6 goals against NU in their game March 19th, accounting for half of the Irish's points.

Northwestern and Kjellman face North Carolina, a team the Cats beat 18-10 on April 21st. If they continue to the semi-final round, they'll probably face Chrest and the Duke Blue Devils.

Making the final five again shows just how far the Cats have come although Lindsey Munday was again passed over for finalist consideration.

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