National Champs - One More time

Northwestern University's Women's Lacrosse team shook off an injury to their top scorer as two other players stepped up in the second half to secure the victory. Aly Joesphs led the Cats with 4 goals, and Sarah Albrecht continued to shine near her home town, scoring 2 with an assist.

Everyone knew that Dartmouth had a good defense
And you'd expect that the NCAA Championship game would be close. Both assumptions turned out to be true.

The Cats had a lots of scoring opportunities in the first half, but seemed to have a little trouble finding the net, hitting the post 5 times. As a result NU trailed 3-2 at the half and Kristen Kjellman suffered an ankle injury that slowed her participation, and led to her being shut out for the first time this year.

But just as they've done all year, when one Cat LAXer goes down, a couple more step.

Sarah Albrecht tied the game early in the 2nd half, 3-3, and actually was behind 4-3 before Aly Josephs and Albrecht went on a tear to put the game out of reach.

Lindsey Munday also scored, but missed tieing Coach Kelly Amonte Hiller's 132 assist record by 4 assists.

There's more on, we'll have links in the morning to all the stories...

Meanwhile, way to go Cats!

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