2 Big Men Gone

First it was the assistant coach who worked with the big men, then one of those Big Men decided not to return to Northwestern Basketball in 2006. The question will be, which departure hurts the 'Cats more...

Bernard Cote` was probably going to be a starter in 2006
Especially if he got his 3 point stroke back - he should have been the odds on favorite to replace Vedran Vukusic in the NU starting lineup.

Yes, he struggled with his 3 point shot last year, but so did center Vince Scott. Cote` should have expected a lot of minutes to finally get his game in order.

But he's chosen to return home and get the rest of his life going as he graduates this week with his degree in Communications.

The other Big Loss is NU's "big man" coach - Craig Robinson
It was bound to happen eventually - he just missed getting the Air Force job last year, and when you talked to Coach Robinson, you knew he expected to eventually move to a head man's job in Div I.

What will hurt is that he was the man who coordinated NU's recruiting - he implemented NU's technology approach to recruiting, and is given credit for much of NU's improvement in the recruiting wars.

He also had a lot to do with setting up the defenses used by the Cats, last year NU was 9th overall in D.

Robinson will now be back in the Ivy League, where many of the same players desired by NU also will be on his short list. Purple Reign will miss him - he always answered our questions.

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