Holy Tiebreakers, NU finishes 10th

The Big 10 had to go deep in their tie breaker rules to set this year's conference Tournement. #1,#2 and #3 were easy, it was 3 through 11 that got confusing.

Ohio State and Wisconsin just about beat everybody,
so nobody was surprised when they finished 1-2 in the big 10 and earned the top tourney seeds and with a win Saturday night, and Illinois loss to Iowa, Indiana jumped out of a tie into 3rd place.

That left the "bunch in the middle;" Iowa, Purdue and Illinois, all tied at 9-7, which came down to which team had the best record between the three. Iowa had beaten the other 2, including a win Saturday over Illinois earning #4, Purdue won Saturday and had the next best record, followed by Illinois.

The "Michigan's" were next, tied at 8-8, Michigan State owned that tiebreaker, then Minnesota [3-13] followed by the two on the bottom, NU and Penn State.

The Cats and the Lions had split and both had lost to Ohio State and Wisconsin, so it came down to NU's record against Indiana [0-1] being better than Penn State's 0-2.

NU gets the dubious honor of facing Michigan State, a team that played #2 Wisconsin very tough on Saturday...

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