Monday 2-Deep - Deja Vu All Over Again

The official pregame 2-deep out, and it looks just like the post Spring listing with maybe a few changes due to injuries and the like...

On offense, you won't find many surprises
The biggest name missing is Trevor Rees, who is serving a one game suspension Saturday for his run in with the law last Spring. Adam Crum, who is listed as both the starting left Guard and Rees' normal backup will get the call in the middle.

Still to be determined is Crum's replacement - Desmond Taylor or Keegan Grant. Kurt Mattes, Joel Belding and Dylan Thiry are the other 3 linemen up front.

Andrew Brewer's injury also forced a shuffle among the wide receivers - Eric Peterman moved from slot to Y-WR, Rasheed Ward moved from the X-WR/Split End to slot, and Tonjua Jones moved up to the X-WR starting slot. At TE/Superback, Brendan Mitchell appears to have won the battle with Mark Woodsum listed as his backup.

Omar Conteh and Brandon Roberson as both listed as Tyrell Sutton's backup heading into the first game.
Meanwhile, on Defense
It would appear that David Ngene won out over Mark Koehn at defensive end. Koehn and Ngene had shared the lead spot with an "or" listing.

At Sam Linebacker, the biggest switch is Prince Kwateng gaining the starter listing, with Eddie Simpson moving over to back up Mike Dinard at the Will side. Malcom Arrington appears to have won the middle linebacker backup job over Chris Jeske.

The defensive backs are essentially unchanged - Brendan Smith and Brad Phillips are sharing an "OR" with Chaz Richart listed as the backup for either.
Special Teams
Stefan Demos appears to have won the punting duties along with kicking off. Amado Villarreal is listed as the place kicker.

Andrew Brewer and Brendon Smith's injuries have pushed Rasheed Ward into the punt return position.
So here we go against another Div I-AA team. Last year the Cats got steamrollered by New Hampshire's dynamic passing duo of Ricky Santos and David Ball. Northeastern's coaches are making "upset" noises, but don't expect the NU Wildcats to roll over again this year, as everyone should remember the attitude of last year prior to the game.

Kickoff is at 11 AM - its North Shore Community Day at Ryan Field..

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