Random Thoughts: Our game Isn't On

Hope you enjoy the NU-Nevada game Saturday...because da Coach won't. He lives in an area served by Comcast...who is still miles apart from the Big 10 Network, and telling fans to call them....

This is reeee-dik-i-lus

Now that Direct TV has cut a deal with the Big 10 Network, the rest of the TV universe [Comcast, et al] are the only major players still out of the game.

To be perfectly clear, I live in an area, served by Comcast, that is mainly full of Patriot League, Meac and ACC fans. Most folks around my area could care less about the Big 10 and Northwestern. By last count my Dentist and I are the only 2 NU Alums in town. My business internet is provided by Comcast.

Got the picture?

I find Comcast's pitch about putting the Big 10 Network up on a sports tier very attractive. It couldn't cost as much as ESPN Game Plan, could it?

Lets face it, NU's games were usually on ESPN+. ESPN-U or 360, services that we don't get around here for free either. We didn't even get the games on Game Plan on the cable. I usually watched them on my computer and suffered thru being one play behind WGN's radio broadcast - it was kind of an instant replay.

Now, I don't even have that luxury.

Comcast is using our game with Duke as an example of why the Big 10 Network's lineup away from ABC/ESPN isn't very good.

Comcast, you have subscirbers who spend a lot of bucks every month to get thing's like NU vs Duke. At the same time, most college football fans in our area could care less about next week's NU-Nevada game. I'm probably the only person in the area who cares....even the local sports bar won't have that one up.

The promise of cable and the internet was that we'd be able to see what we wanted, when we wanted it.

But the drive to increase revenue is getting in the way and I don't care who is trying to separate us from our money - I just want to watch my Wildcats!

And right now, my conference's network and my cable company is keeping me from doing that.

-- da Coach

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