Jenkins, Wright and Yelling DEEEE-Fense

Ruminations on burning a shirt, the Wright man in the backfield, and cheering the team to victory...

So Randy Walker decided to play Derell Jenkins...
While you'd like to redshirt your quarterbacks, NU is heading into Iowa City to play a team that likes to play "Smear the [fill in the blank]" with opponents signal callers.

They've knocked out several of the Big 10's top guys in their games this year, and there's no chance that they won't try to clobber Brett Basanez or anyone else back in the NU Shotgun. Even with Tony Stauss available, he'd also be a target, so NU needs to have all 3 with some game experience.

Derell Jenkins is practicing well, and was expected to get some playing time anyway. I'll probably ruminate more on the QB situation in the next week or so, but Jenkins has "wheels" and the NU Offense sure can use a guy with wheels right now.

The Wright Man for the Job...
How about Jason Wright, another 200 yard game (300+ all purpose) and 4 TDs. He joins Damien Anderson, Darnell Autry, Ricky Edwards, Mike Adamle and Otto Graham in the "4 in a Game" club.

He's just a junior this year, so he's got a few more shots at resetting some records.

Yelling DE-FENSE at games...
I wish I could get out to Evanston for more games in the stands. At Greensboro this year, the parents of the team bring Clappers - so we can do clapping chears, stomp on aluminum bleachers, and yell De-Fense [clap, clap] on almost EVERY defensive down.

We even bring Kazoos to play the fight song at away games.

More than one cheerleader and student fan has look up at us wondering who the old crazies are.

Anyway, the Cats need to do something to keep that kind of cheering going! Fans can change the course of games and even when you're away you can really rock the joint if you try.

-- da Coach

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