Welcome to the New Purple Wildcats/Purple Reign

Its been 8 months in the making - and a lot of long hours, but here we are - The New Purple Reign

Here we are - at our new home...
    Its still called Purple Reign, but the board names have changed a bit. We still will have the:
    • NU Sports News Digest
    • Ruminations from The Coach
    • Steve Truog's View from the Stands & the Couch
    • Peg Wolfe's view of the Basketball Team
    • Our daily/weekly polls [still over on the right side]
    • and the Pre Game Intel Report

    But There's going to be more. You'll notice that the top story right now is Recruiting ... That's because Mr Northwestern Recruiting, Chris Pool will be a regular around here. So now we'll also have:

    • Regular reports on the Recruiting wars.
    • The regular opportunity to ask Chris about recruiting on our new boards.
    • Hot News Reports on players, both the present Cats, and our Alumni
    • Greg Kane covering the Carmody Cats
    • The chance to comment on stories, and get a response from the writers.
    • and far more resources than we had at Rivals.

    Those of you who subscribed to the old site will have your membership transferred. Those that haven't subscribed in the past may decide that the New Purple Reign is worth the price of admission.

    Welcome aboard - the New Purple Wildcats-Purple Reign is up and running!

    [Oh yes, the little critter you see on the slug lines is Hanibal, the Ryan Field Wildcat - He's here too]

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Go Cats - Beat 'em All!
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