Coach Roy's Random Thoughts - Parallels

There are more parallels in Saturday's game than just a chance for revenge...

If you remember 2 years ago, NU had this hot Quarterback, a transfer, (some would say from our junior college) Zak Kustok. Remember that the Zak Attack was supposed to, even expected to roll Iowa up into a little ball, and dunk them in the creek.

NU also had one Damien Anderson, DA2, The Evanston Express who was ripping off 65-70 yard touchdowns right and left.

NU had this fabulous (the Fab 5?) offensive line, 3 of whom were playing the NFL this summer, [2 - Jeff Roehl & Austin King are still here]. They were blowing holes in defenses left and right, and giving Zak all the time he needed to rack up 200-400 yards a game.

Sound familiar? If you've been reading the story links out of Iowa, they've got a hot Quarterback, a stud Running Back, and maybe the best offensive line in the Big 10. They're nationally ranked, ready and anxious for a win so they can go to the Rose Bowl as Big 10 Champions.

Sounds just like NU vs Iowa at Kinnick 2 years ago. Just switch Iowa for NU and you've got this year.

Just remember that last time the favored power, the team with all the hosses wound up at the Alamo Bowl because -

The Underdog Won!

-- da Coach

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