I don't need to Flog a Wounded Wildcat

Final Score: NU 13 Iowa 61 <br>NU Lost Big Saturday, NU Lost bad Saturday, NU Lost Ugly Saturday.

I don't need to flog the Wounded Wildcat...

NU Lost Big Saturday, NU Lost bad Saturday, NU Lost Ugly Saturday.

Some of us had high hopes for Saturday. It looked just like the game 2 years ago at Kinnick where NU got knocked out of the Rose Bowl by a mediocre (we thought) Iowa team.

But this one wasn't to be. The Iowa Coaches had both their offense and defense tuned up and ready for the Cats. It just wasn't close.

Coach Randy Walker has admitted trying to out trick the Hawkeyes, using an on-side kick to get a field advantage early. [A technique I've seen this year - that worked to start a win elsewhere], but the Young Cats just couldn't figure out how to deal with a super Quarterback on Senior Day.

So what next...

There are those calling for mass firings of coaches, guys who were considered geniuses 2 years ago.

There are those making backhanded stabs at our players - saying that they just aren't good enough, strong enough, fast enough.

There are probably those who think we should drop football.

I'm not ready to jump off the "Pickle Boat" just yet.

You see, I've seen performances like this at other colleges. I've seen a "too young, too weak, too slow defense" turn around a year later with the same personnel and the same coaches. I've seen a team that couldn't stop the little sisters of the poor turn into the best team in their conference inside the 10 the next year.

So jump off the Pickle Boat if you will - maybe I'm just too much an optimist, but I'd really like to see what happens to the Wildcats next year, when they're all a year older, wiser, and stronger, and faster.

-- da Coach

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