We Don't Need a New Regime in Evanston

Unlike the NU coaches, I think we fans might have given up on the present team just a little too quickly.

I always tell the kids I coach that in football there are only excuses and explanations.

The only acceptable explanation is "I missed something," [or I screwed up].
Everything else is excuses.
That said, we've been hearing a lot of excuses about the Wildcats that, for a change, just might be true. The desire for a quick fix to the team's defensive problems only masks the fact that we probably have the 15-20 players on the team right now who will be the "killer" NU defense of the future.

And their play in the future will build recruiting, just like it did after the Rose Bowl.

As a former NU player, Coach Fitz is always very concerned about fan reactions on the web, as they affect NU's [and his] recruiting efforts and how his players think of themselves. To read post after post about how bad our D has become only plants seeds of doubt in both prospects and the present players.

But we can't live in a sugar-coated world. Those who go on to play on Sunday know that everything they do is scrutinized and analyzed by people who couldn't do their job on a Pop Warner team, much less in Div I. That is the way of our life here in american sports.
So What's the answer?
One of the great things about the internet has been the ability for fans all over the world to get together and discuss their team. Everyone's opinion is usually welcome, although some fans are a little more intense than others.

I've been accused of taking a pollyanna attitude towards the team.

Nope, I know how long it takes to rebuild after a coaching change. I've been watching this process in other places for a long time, and listened to fans blow steam about how they'd change things if they only were in charge.

There are several things that happen with a coaching change, few of them good. Once in a while, the new coach comes in and by force of personality turns things around the next season. Ty Willingham and Ralph Friedgen are two that did.

But how many other coaching changes were there over the last 2 years. How many new coaches actually made a difference, improved the record, won a championship immediately? Not many.

The league is different but even Steve Spurrier isn't having a picnic in the NFL East.
So call me a lackey of the present administration in Evanston.

I just don't see any benefit to changing everything or anything right now; either to the team, recruiting or the future of NU football.

-- da Coach

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